Our Donations For Dementia Research

May 28, 2014

We started out our journey of dementia, with donating our blood, and for Jon, his saliva, for dementia research, so they can learn more. My mom, Nate, Paul, and myself all donated blood for a very good cause. Jon doesn't like anything to do with blood so he turned down the donating of blood. We didn't want to see him pass out on the floor. They have saliva kits for back up. Jon was lucky enough to get to spit some saliva out into a container.

The donating took quite awhile since their was 5 of us. I'm glad that they can learn more about dementia and our family tree by doing this research. I'm sure this is an experience that most families don't get to experience together. I would say it is something we will remember!

Final Test Results

May 28, 2014

We have been waiting for a month to hear the results of our mom's PET scan results that she had done back in April. We have been well aware of the symptoms and the doctor's thoughts of what has been going on. We weren't to shocked, or disappointed by the diagnosis that the doctor gave my mom yesterday. I think I have been preparing myself to hear those words from the doctor. ALL of the symptoms have been there. There has been no denying it.

The doctor gave my mom the diagnosis of Frontotemporal Dementia. 

We were left with some positive thoughts from a positive lady named Cathy.

- suggested to join a support group that is located in Sandy, UT.
- schedules, schedules, schedules work best for people with dementia.
- help my mom pick out her talents and thrive on them 
- spend some time with her (take her out to lunch, etc.)
- do not argue with someone with dementia, change the subject and move on (lesson has already been learned)
- The book "What If It's Not Alzheimer's" was recommended to read for family to get a better understanding.

We are meeting with a social worker next week to get some more information and for help to direct us in the next steps of this new journey we will take together.

On the most positive note I can give, my mom tells everyone "she is fine". She tells the doctor "she is fine". I know from here on out my mom is going to enjoy her life in a new way. She already has been enjoying her life and it has been fun to watch her enjoy the little things in life. She is teaching me to enjoy life right now. I asked her yesterday if she will teach me how to enjoy life and her reply was "YES". 

Let's ALL keep on enjoying the little things in life!

Happy Memorial Day!

May 26, 2014

Linda invited us to meet her and Jean at the cemetery on Sunday, the day before Memorial Day. It was fun to meet Linda and Jean at the cemetery, to put some things on the graves of grandpa and grandma. 

My mom has some beautiful roses growing in her front yard so I had her pick two roses to put on the grave. We also had a flag to put on the grave. Linda and Jean also brought some things and together the grave's decoration looked completed.

We had a fun time chatting, catching up, and remembering those close to our hearts. It was so great to see Linda and Jean! (It always is!!) 

May we remember today and always, those who have passed on! 

I also believe, true to my heart, that we should treat everyone as if today could be their last day on this earth. We never know when our last day could be. 

Beauty in Sunsets

May 20, 2014

We had the experience to see a beautiful sunset last week that was so beautiful. The pictures don't do justice for the sunset! We took Lucky, my dog, to the park to walk. Paul and I walked Lucky around at the park, while my mom sat in the car, watching the sunset and listening to her music with her headphones on.

  The sunset was so beautiful! I had my mom come take some pictures with myself so we could have some sunset pictures together! It was a fun evening at the park and we all enjoyed ourselves!

 May we all continue to have beauty in our lives even at our darkest and happiest moments!

Even at our most darkest moments there is always beauty to be thankful for. We still have family and friends who love us. A roof over our heads. A vehicle to drive. Refreshing water to refresh us and clean us. A bathroom to use. A blue sky to look up too. Rainfall to replenish the earth. A sun to give us warmth. Air conditioning to cool us off. A heater to warm us up. The list could go on and on.

 Be thankful for the beauties of this earth!

Paxton Graduated Preschool - Hooray!

May 10, 2014

My mom's one and only grandson graduated preschool this week. Paxton is growing up so fast and next month he will turn 5 years old. We were able to drive my mom up to Clearfield to see Paxton's graduation program. The program was really cute with a lot of singing throughout the program. 

We learned that when Paxton grows up he wants to be Spiderman.

We know that whatever Paxton grows up to be, he will be very successful in whatever he does and we will support him! We love you, Paxton! Congratulations on your graduation!

Tiger... Hear Him Roar

May 10, 2014

When I post about my mom on this blog, it just does not seem complete without posting a picture of her cat, Tiger. Tiger is her constant companion and buddy, who is by her side day and night.

My mom found Tiger when she stayed with Paul and I for a few months back in 2011. We were helping her find a home to purchase and she stayed with us while finding a home. Tiger was a stray kitten that would come to the back door crying to come inside. My mom loved him from the moment she saw him and considered him her cat from then on. Tiger has been in her life for 3 years and has been a heaven sent thing for her. She loves to tell everyone that she lives with her cat, Tiger. She will say "It is just me and my cat, Tiger".

It is amazing the companionship and love an animal can bring into people's lives. I'm so glad that my mom has a furry companion who loves her and her him!

Mother's Day Fun

May 10, 2014

Paul and I drove my mom up to Jon and Jamie's home on Saturday, the day before Mother's Day. My mom had been mentioning that she would LOVE to go to the park to celebrate Mother's Day. We kept monitoring the weather throughout the week to see if we would be able to take her there. Rain kept being in the forecast here and there. We were lucky to make it to the park that day even with some coats and jackets on. 

Paxton and my mom had fun flying a kite, and we also had fun with Macy playing together on the playground at the park. Jamie and Baby Lily stayed home because it was cold and windy.

My mom received a beautiful pot of flowers for Mother's Day that she can add to her flower garden.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! We Love You!

Haircut Time!

May 07, 2014

My mom hadn't cut her hair or got a trim for over a year. Her hair has grown quite a bit and has become hard to manage. I offered Paul to cut my mom's hair and thought that would make it easy for my mom to agree to do. I was right!

 I washed my mom's hair in the sink and got it prepared for Paul to cut her hair. 

Paul cut off 9 1/2 inches of her hair. Her hair is now at a manageable length and will be better for the summer time for her!

She was ALL smiles after her haircut! Who knew that we run a hair cut business on the side too?  ;)

Family Reunion Special Pictures

May 06, 2014

It is always fun when you go through pictures and find a picture that you haven't seen before. I was going through my mom's pictures on her camera and found this picture that was taken of us last summer. I love this picture! It was such a nice day at our family reunion! I'm glad that I could spend a lot of the day with my mom with her mom's side of the family to reconnect and update each other on everyone's lives.

I also love this picture of Aunt Ann, my mom, and me. These are some pictures that I will always cherish. I'm so glad & thankful that I was at the park this day, so I can have these pictures for memories!

SURPRISE, Let's Feed the Ducks

May 06, 2014

 Paul and I told my mom that we had a surprise for her back in March before the week of her birthday. We told her that we were going somewhere, but we couldn't tell her where we were going. She was excited about this and happy in the back seat of the car like she usually is.

 We stopped by the store to get some bread. Paul went in to get the bread and put the bread in the trunk of the car so she didn't see that Paul had just bought bread. We were then on our way to our secret place. As we got closer to our arrival place, my mom blurted out "I know where we are going". I said "where"?  She said "we are going to the duck place". She still knew the way. We played it off and still didn't tell her that was indeed where we were going.

 My mom enjoyed feeding the ducks with her head phones and music on. It was a bright sunny day. She enjoyed sharing bread with some kids that were there, but didn't have anything to feed the ducks.

It was nice to see my mom happy & smiling again, being carefree and feeding the ducks.

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