Homecoming Party Time - Let's Dance!

June 25, 2014

My mom came with Paul and I to a Homecoming Dance that was an absolute fun time back in April.  Polynesians like to have dances for people who are leaving on missions and they also have dances for them when they return from their mission. They celebrate with dancing, music, food, and fun.

We are celebrating Elder Blake Sio in this video. He is known to us as a nephew and calls Paul "uncle" all the time. I have known him since he was 12 or so. It has been fun to see him grow up and it has really been a neat experience to see his faith grow while serving his mission in the Phillipines. 
 Blake inspires me when I am around him to be more caring, humble, positive, thankful, generous, open to everyone, and so much more. I wanted a picture of all of us together so this picture could remind me of these things.

 We loved the food catered by Tialino Catering (Paul's sister catering) and ate it so fast. The music was extra loud and my mom thought it was so fun. She called Bob (her famous next door neighbor) so he could hear how loud the music was.
Two thumbs up are always GREAT!
My mom decided to get up and dance on the last song of the night. She enjoyed the music the whole night and enjoyed watching everyone else dance! I was proud to see her get up and want to dance the last song! She was so happy and smiling ear to ear while dancing by Paul's brother's family.

We had such a great time this day! Elder Sio has taught me to be thankful for the things I have. Homes in the Phillipines are very small. Homes there are just as big as a size of a room in one of our houses - a small room at that. There is no carpet. He was so overwhelmed at this party for him because he knows there is nothing in the Phillipines like this and he felt like it was so much for him.
We all feel loved by Blake Sio every time we are around him and we love him!


Pirate Fun - Celebration For Paxton!

June 21, 2014

Paxton turned 5 on Wednesday, June 18. He had a fun birthday celebration to celebrate his birthday yesterday with some friends and family, attending his party. We were excited to arrive to the Pirate C'ARR'nival. My mom and I arrived early to the party so we would miss the busy Friday traffic.

There was so much fun at the carnival. There was a bounce house for the kids to play on, pinata fun for the kids, a scavenger hunt, carnival food - corn dogs, nachos, snow cones, baked beans, watermelon, cake, and ice cream, present opening fun, and so much more.

Nate and the girl's eating their yummy carnival food. Emily wasn't feeling good. We missed her at the party and hope she feels better soon!

Grandma Tiger holding Macy. Macy wasn't feeling good and grandma wanted to hold Macy and was excited to hold her. Macy had been to Instacare the night before and was still having a high fever. 

Present Opening Fun!

Pinata Fun!

Scavenger Hunt Fun! They all received swords and eye patches at the end!

Cake Fun!

Other Fun!

We had a great time! It was a special time to spend this fun time with family!

Happy Birthday, Paxton! We all love you!

Let's Wear Green and Keep on Smiling!

June 16, 2014

Last Sunday, Jon came to visit our mom and he also came to go through some things in her garage. It was fun when we all looked at each other and we were all wearing green! Paul said he didn't get the memo because he was wearing a different color. 

We took some fun pictures to remember this fun day that we were all wearing green! We took some pictures with some silly faces and had fun showing our mom how to make funny faces.

Remember when the going gets tough, sometimes you just have to have some fun with it! Make some silly faces and keep on laughing!

Birthday Fun with Nate's Family

June 10, 2014

Nate invited my mom out on the town for his birthday celebration. Nate, his family, and our mom went out to dinner to Texas Roadhouse. Nate doesn't know this, but my mom has been wanting to go there to eat. I was happy to hear they went there so our mom could eat there and check that off her list to do. My mom enjoyed her steak and baked potato.

I received several texts and phone calls from mom to tell me that they were bowling after dinner. Our mom was super excited about this! Mom has not bowled for several years due to all of her pains. I hear that she did really good and had some strikes. Sammy was nice to send me a picture of Grandma Cindy bowling so we could document this milestone in her life of her being able to bowl again and have fun!

 Happy Birthday, Nate!

Creamie Get-Together At the Cemetery

June 09, 2014

We had a great time meeting up with Linda, Jean, our girl cousin's, and their kids at the cemetery! We had a Creamie celebration (thanks to Staci) to celebrate Grandma Stewart's birthday. Staci won several Creamies in a cooler, from a local tv show that is on channel 5.

Linda did great documentation work and took many fun pictures of this event! Follow the link to see the many pictures and short videos of memories of Grandma Stewart & this fun day!

This was such a fun day with perfect weather, memories were made, & we had a fun cousin, aunt, and sister get-together! We should do this more often!  :)

Thank you to Linda and Staci for planning this event out and thank you for everyone for being there! It was fun to see everyone!

Much Love,

Idaho Day Trip - Aunt Ann's Funeral

June 09, 2014

My mom and I were able to go on a day trip up to Idaho with Linda and Bill, to attend Aunt Ann's funeral last week. My mom had no hesitation on going on this adventure. She really wanted to visit Idaho and she had a really good time while there. I know that she is so glad that she went!

The funeral was a nice memorial to Aunt Ann and the person she is and was. There was beautiful music sung and played, beautiful talks by her grandchildren, and so on. It was great to see the cousins again, chat with them, hug them, drive by The Johnson's old farm home  (now Blaine and Suzanne's home), visit the cemetery, eat at the luncheon, and look at the scenery on the drive.

We made it home that evening after 6PM. My mom was so happy to be home to spend time with her cat, Tiger. She said that she missed him. My mom was not tired out one bit and was ready to get to her next daily activities that she had missed while she was gone!

I asked my mom the next day what her highlight of the week was. She said her favorite thing was going to Idaho. 

Thank you to Linda, Bill, and Jean for your support and making this possible for her being able to attend these events in Idaho!

Unfortunately, we didn't get Bill in any pictures! A HUGE thank you goes to Bill for being so patient and kind! I really do appreciate what you did for us on this day!

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