It's Okay To Not Be A Superhero Every Day

September 25, 2017

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I'm sure you have had the same moments where you read something and you think to yourself, "yes, that is so true or so me". I had one of those moments today, where I read a tweet on Twitter and I could relate to it so much. It was such a great tweet that I thought, "I need to share this to help someone else out".

This not only pertains to caregivers, but to everyone. It seems like we are always busy trying to be superheroes, but sometimes it's OKAY to not to be a superhero for a day or two or three or more.

I was so busy trying to be a superhero everyday for years. When I had my stroke last year, it was a wake up call. I had no choice, but to take off my cape, and basically retire it. 

AND I have to keep reminding myself.....  THAT IS OKAY!

If you have any of the signs of stress below, please slow yourself down. Find someone to help you. Tell someone that you need help. If you see someone struggling, offer them help. Sometimes it's hard to ask for help, especially if the person is already drowning in stress. Your health is to important, not to slow yourself down.  You are invaluable! We all are invaluable! Always remember that!

REMEMBER . . . . 

It's Okay To Not Be A Superhero Every Day!

In reality, we are only human, anyways.  :)

You can find our journey on Twitter, too.  - @monkeyami

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  1. Love this. We can be human at times and life is hard. I just will relax in this truth. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. THANK YOU for posting this. It completely spoke to me! There are so many days when I am exhausted and glance over at my kids with their headphones hooked into their Kindles (maybe for the 2nd hour in a row) and I feel like an immense failure as a mom. There are other moms taking their kids to the playground right now, I would think. Or, there are moms who are helping their children learn to read. My kids are burning up their brains on Bubble Guppies.

    Any mom who is 100% parenting 100% of the time must have nothing left of herself to give to anyone else.


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