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A Cindy Update

September 27, 2019

   It's hard to believe that it has been 5 months since Cindy has come home to live with Paul and me. It will be 5 months next week. The first few months were the hardest for us. It was hard to figure out a routine, juggle all the new appointments at home, and trying to care for Cindy. It has gotten a little easier throughout the months.

   Cindy has had her ups and downs throughout the months. I'm happy to say she's been doing well lately. Instead of her being on a hard jerking up and down rollercoaster, she has been on a straight path for awhile now. We take these moments and hold on to them as long as we can. 

   Cindy still continues to lose weight. Her oxygen has been better and her edema has been better. Cindy still doesn't talk much at all. We are always surprised and happy when she speaks and smiles. 

I just wanted to give an update for those who are wondering how Cindy is. 
Thank you for your love and support!


A Glimpse of a Busy Day in the Life of Cindy

September 19, 2019

Come a long with us on our journey during a Busy Day in the Life of Cindy Who Is Living with Dementia.

Here we go. . . . 

This wasn't our typical day. In fact, it was a jam packed day filled with activities for Cindy to do. This isn't how our days usually go, but this was a busy day that we thought we would document for you to see.


The day started out with a yummy breakfast that Cindy enjoyed. Bananas and Graham Crackers! Her favorites! It was nap time right after breakfast. 


Cindy was laying in bed exhausted and was barely awake when she had a visit from her nurse. Cindy's check up went well. Her blood pressure was good. Her oxygen was better, to barely over 90 now. Cindy woke up to take a shower with the help from a CNA around noontime, right after the nurse left. Cindy was in need of a nap again after her shower.


I didn't document what Cindy ate this day for some reason. I'm sure she worked up an appetite and ate something that she loved this day. I just wanted to document that she did eat lunch this day! :)


We finally made it to 3PM and the only words I had heard from my mom all day was "good". I asked my mom how she was doing in her room, and that is how I got her to say that one word. Throughout the day, she communicated to me with nods and head shakes. We have gotten pretty good at our communication guessing routine by her responding to me with head shakes and nods.

You can imagine when I heard my mom mutter the words "let's leave," after not hearing her speak much, that I was happy, and surprised to hear those words. I hadn't heard her mutter those words for a few days. 

We had some errands that we needed to do, so we decided to take Cindy on a little field trip, so to speak. 

Cindy wanted to take her walker with her in the front seat. Paul and I were running around not realizing that Cindy was trying to get her walker in the car. It reminded us of how a child likes to take a toy with them on a car drive. We didn't want to cause Cindy frustration by ripping the walker out of her hands so we let her try. I finally asked her to let me take the walker and told her that I would take good care of it for her. She liked that idea. She was finally able to shut her car door. 


Our first stop was Costco. Cindy and I waited in the car while Paul went inside to pick up a few things. We listened to some music & took some photos while waiting. This was the biggest smile that I could get from Cindy.


The next stop was the car wash and putting air in the tires. Paul may look a little crazy at times while trying to entertain Cindy, but he does such a great job at putting a smile on Cindy's face. We are blessed to have Paul be one of Cindy's amazing caregivers.

We picked up some food and headed home.

Cindy got right into bed when we returned home. Paul took some dinner to Cindy's room for her to eat. Cindy wouldn't eat it herself. Paul helped feed her, so that she would eat.

After some resting, Cindy came out to sit on the couch with Paul to watch some TV. She didn't know what was in store for her, when she sat next to Paul to watch TV. The BYU / Utah rivalry college game was on. Cindy got to watch the game and listen to Paul scream & cheer at the TV. I'm pretty sure Cindy thought Paul was a little crazy for screaming and cheering at the TV so loud. Cindy would walk to her room and back to the couch throughout the game.


It was time for bed time! Cindy received her PM medication and she laid in bed while listening to meditation music to help her drift off to sleep.

This may not seem like a busy day, but it was a busy day, for Cindy, who has Frontotemporal Dementia.

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