June is Alzheimer's Disease & Brain Awareness Month

June 02, 2015


By learning the facts, you can help change the numbers.
Each time you talk about Alzheimer's disease, you help raise awareness and inspire action.

47 million worldwide

Worldwide, 47 million people are living with dementia.

604 billion USD per year

The annual global cost of dementia is $604 billion in U.S. dollars.

2030: 76 million people

The number of people living with dementia worldwide is set to skyrocket to 76 million by 2030.

In the United States, Alzheimer's disease is a triple threat.

Every 67 seconds someone
in the United States
develops Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer's disease is the
sixth leading cause of death
in the United States.
Alzheimer’s is the only cause
of death in the top 10 that
can’t be prevented, cured or slowed.

10 Ways To Love Your Brain

Show your brain some love! Your brain is the command center of your body — and just like your heart, lungs and other critical organs, it deserves to be a priority when it comes to your health. Use these 10 tips to help reduce your risk of cognitive decline.

Break a sweat.

Engage in regular cardiovascular exercise that elevates your heart rate and increases blood flow to the brain and body. Several studies have found an association between physical activity and reduced risk of cognitive decline.

Hit the books.

Formal education in any stage of life will help reduce your risk of cognitive decline and dementia. For example, take a class at a local college, community center or online.

Butt out.

Evidence shows that smoking increases risk of cognitive decline. Quitting smoking can reduce that risk to levels comparable to those who have not smoked.

Follow your heart.

Evidence shows that risk factors for cardiovascular disease and stroke – obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes – negatively impact your cognitive health. Take care of your heart, and your brain just might follow.

Heads up!

Brain injury can raise your risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Wear a seat belt, use a helmet when playing contact sports or riding a bike, and take steps to prevent falls.

Fuel up right.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet that is lower in fat and higher in vegetables and fruit to help reduce the risk of cognitive decline. Although research on diet and cognitive function is limited, certain diets, including Mediterranean and Mediterranean-DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), may contribute to risk reduction.

Catch some Zzz’s.

Not getting enough sleep due to conditions like insomnia or sleep apnea may result in problems with memory and thinking.

Take care of your mental health.

Some studies link a history of depression with increased risk of cognitive decline, so seek medical treatment if you have symptoms of depression, anxiety or other mental health concerns. Also, try to manage stress.

Buddy up.

Staying socially engaged may support brain health. Pursue social activities that are meaningful to you. Find ways to be part of your local community – if you love animals, consider volunteering at a local shelter. If you enjoy singing, join a local choir or help at an afterschool program. Or, just share activities with friends and family.

Stump yourself.

Challenge and activate your mind. Build a piece of furniture. Complete a jigsaw puzzle. Do something artistic. Play games, such as bridge, that make you think strategically. Challenging your mind may have short and long-term benefits for your brain.

Please help spread the word about Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Brain Diseases!

Marigold Seeds

May 24, 2015

As we were dropping off my mom one night at her home recently, I did my usual routine ... where I walk with her inside, unlock her door for her, help her turn off her radio (that she loves to leave playing for Tiger when she leaves), help her shut the blinds, put her food in place for the next day, put her rootbeer in the fridge, and go through her mail.

I happened to look up at her fridge and see a bowl, that I hadn't noticed before, on the very top of her fridge. I got the bowl down and it was filled with Marigold seeds. A few years ago, when she moved into her home she was obsessed with these seeds. The reason being, why she has Marigold seeds saved in all sorts of places.

My mom saw the bowl of seeds and scrunched up her face with a disgusted look and said "yucky yuck"and repeated that over and over again. She thought it looked so gross and I could tell she wanted me to get rid of the bowl of seeds. I finally told her I thought they were Marigold seeds. That triggered her memory. She then showed me a huge container on the floor of some more that she has collected along the way.

My eyes were just opened up this night, that her beloved Marigold seeds, were now considered to her as something yucky. I took the bowl of Marigold seeds home with me that night, to get rid of them for her, and so I could document this moment.

Just another change and something of her interest, slipping away, out of her grasp and control .....


Cindy's 58th Pizza Birthday Party

March 30, 2015

This girl turned 58 years young this year!

In honor of her birthday, we got the whole gang of family together and went out for a pizza party at "The Pie" on her birthday.

The kids had fun playing together. We had fun putting pizza in our tummies, and most of all we had fun putting a smile on our mom's face.

Here's to many more happy and healthy years!

We Love You, Mom!   ♡♡♡♡

Birthday FUN at Lily & Macy's House

March 29, 2015

This sweet party animal turned 58 this year! 

We started off the partying with celebrating Macy & Lily's birthdays with a Saturday "Frozen" birthday party on March 21! Macy and Lily are turning 1 and 4 in April. They are already growing up WAY to fast! We had a lot of fun spending time with family at the party. The girls loved seeing Princess Elsa and Anna.

     We had a nice lunch, the girls got their face done-up with make-up by Anna and Elsa. How special and awesome is that? Paxton, being the only boy in the family, was a good sport about the princess party. He colored with Elsa & Anna. He also got his picture taken with Elsa & Anna, as did all the kids. There was cupcake and cookie eating, present opening time, play time, family bonding time, and so much more.


We love you so much! 

Haircut Time - Take Two

February 16, 2015

This weekend, Paul and I took the time to help take care of my mom's hair. My mom will time and time again tell me that her hair is just fine. She tried to tell me this again, that her hair was just fine the way it was. With Paul's help we talked her into letting us comb through her matted hair, let us wash her hair in the sink, and she let Paul cut her hair. She is not a fan of any of this. She did really well though, considering everything.

Paul started combing one side of her hair, while I started on the other side. This helped the combing go by so much faster then when I do it by myself. It usually takes me a hour to comb out her hair by myself.

Her hair has grown so fast and because my mom can't take care of her hair by herself, I told Paul to cut off A LOT of her hair. Paul cut off 7 inches of her hair.

My mom was all smiles after the haircut with Paul. She felt her hair in the back after it was all done & in a ponytail, and laughed out loud. She kept laughing and saying that "it's short".

This is one of the biggest struggles we have, but we keep doing the best we can. I'm sure this haircut will be a big help. 

Thank you, Paul, for all of your help! I couldn't do this without you & your support!

Day at the Zoo

January 22, 2015

   We were invited to go to the zoo with Jon and his two kiddos on Saturday. We got a text invite last minute to see if we wanted to meet up at the zoo. That's how we roll!

  I didn't know how my mom would get around at the zoo, but figured if there is a will, there is a way. I mentioned the zoo to my mom and her comment was "isn't there a lot of walking there". I told my mom that we could get her a wheel chair, not that she needed it, but so she could have fun at the zoo.  ;)

Jon was nice and rented the wheelchair. Wheelchair rentals at the zoo are $10. I never heard of wheelchair rentals so that was something new to me.

We raced mom around in the wheelchair and raced the kids around in their stroller to see who could go the fastest. The kids had fun riding around in the wheelchair too. My mom said "I'm going to look like an old lady who can't walk" and she kept laughing about the wheelchair. Jon wheeled around in the wheelchair for a bit to get her excited to sit in the wheelchair for her day at the zoo. The kids thought that was cool to see their dad in a wheelchair & Macy said "can we get one of these".

We saw elephants, monkeys, rhinos, polar bears, grizzly bears, seals, otters, a tiger, wolves, and more.

   It was fun to be able to spend a beautiful winter day at the zoo. The weather was just perfect!

  Thank you, Jon, for the invite and making this a fun and memorable experience!

Ice Cream Night at Leatherby's

January 12, 2015

Jon and Jamie drove the kids down to pick up Grandma Tiger to take her out to Leatherby's for dinner and ice cream on Friday night!

Grandma was so excited when I told her the news that she had a special surprise coming. She wasn't to sure about the surprise at first because she likes to know about what's going on instead of being surprised. When I told her more about the surprise she was really excited that Jon and his family would be picking her up in their big vehicle.

Grandma chose to have her favorite mint ice cream, while Paxton had chocolate, and Macy had her "Frozen" kind, flavored like bubblegum.

Mom also had another surprise from Jon and Jamie. She was given the movie "Grease" and Jon helped set it up at her home so she could watch it right after she was dropped off. She was given some white chocolate Kit-Kat treats that she was happy about too.

My mom told me "That was so nice of them" in an excited and happy voice. Jon and Jamie treated my mom to dinner, ice cream, and a movie at home. She loved it!

Thank you, Jon and Jamie for making mom's night! She was spoiled!

I enjoyed having the day off from my daughter duties!  ;)


Jazz Game Fun

January 09, 2015

Nate received some free Jazz tickets from his work. He invited us to have his tickets and go to the game with Grandma Cindy and Sammy on Monday, this week. Paul and I were able to get off of work early to go to the game with these two fun girls!

We were able to see Nate in action working. Jon also received some free Jazz tickets from his work so we were able to see Jon and the kids at the game. Sammy was able to play with Paxton and Macy for a few minutes. It was a fun family event!

My mom has a hard time getting around the Energy Solutions Center now and walks slow, runs out of breath, and has to sit down to take breaks while walking. I believe this was the last time that Paul and I will take her there, because it was quite the adventure.

The Jazz lost the game, but they had a good come back. The ending was very close.

 We had a great time spending time with Sammy at the game & seeing family there!

Family time is always the greatest!

Heat or No Heat?

January 03, 2015

I wish I could be a perfect caregiver, but there is so much to do. I have to remember that none of us are perfect, therefore it's okay not to be perfect. I am far from perfect anyways. I do the best I can do, and that is okay!

My mom rarely will tell me what happens at her home, at the times I am not there. Lately, I have been told two things that have happened on her own time away from me. I am so used to her rare and crazy stories that it doesn't surprise me anymore. I'm sure to others it can be an eye opener. I will tell one story now and write the other separately.

One night this week, we were talking about the pink soft throw blanket that she uses to sleep on the couch downstairs in the basement. Yes, that is right! She sleeps on a couch in the basement and prefers that over a bed. She uses a pink throw blanket and that is it, and couch pillows for her head. I have tried to get her to sleep comfortably on a bed, but to no avail, she always ends up back on the couch downstairs.

The point of my story is that she told me that one morning it was freezing cold and Tiger's ears were really cold when she woke up. She shook herself like it was really cold. I had to ask her if she turns her heater off at night. She told me that she turns her heater off at night to go to sleep. I asked her why she does that. She pointed downstairs to the furnace and said because that is so loud and acted like I was crazy for not knowing that. I asked her "don't you wear ear plugs at night". (She always wears her ear plugs at night) She told me "yes".

I explained to her how important, in this cold weather, it is to keep the heater on. That night the temperature was going to be 10 degrees. I knew and could tell when I was talking to her it was going in and out of her head as fast as I was talking. I got in the car to go home with Paul and told Paul this new information I learned. We turned around while driving home to go back to my mom's house. She had already turned the heat off and had gone to bed on the couch. We contemplated on what to do and how to confront her without making her upset.

It usually takes at least two people for her to listen. We told her to keep the heat on so she doesn't get sick. She agreed that she didn't want to get sick. We also told her so her pipes don't freeze. She agreed to leave the furnace on that night.

We hope and pray we have got it through her mind that the heater is important to have on in the winter time. I have been reminding her to leave her furnace on every night.

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