Jazz Game Fun

January 09, 2015

Nate received some free Jazz tickets from his work. He invited us to have his tickets and go to the game with Grandma Cindy and Sammy on Monday, this week. Paul and I were able to get off of work early to go to the game with these two fun girls!

We were able to see Nate in action working. Jon also received some free Jazz tickets from his work so we were able to see Jon and the kids at the game. Sammy was able to play with Paxton and Macy for a few minutes. It was a fun family event!

My mom has a hard time getting around the Energy Solutions Center now and walks slow, runs out of breath, and has to sit down to take breaks while walking. I believe this was the last time that Paul and I will take her there, because it was quite the adventure.

The Jazz lost the game, but they had a good come back. The ending was very close.

 We had a great time spending time with Sammy at the game & seeing family there!

Family time is always the greatest!

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