Our Dementia Story About Bringing Lightness Into Darkness

March 29, 2018

I have come to learn that through the years going through dementia you will continually have jaw dropping moments. You will think to yourself over and over "Did I just really see that?", or "Did I just really hear that?". The moments can break your heart, make you laugh, or a combination of those two.

Within the last year, or so, that my mom was still living in her home, I received a call from her. She told me that her power went out. I don't remember the conversation word for word. I think I had to guess that her power was out from how she was trying to explain it to me. I told her that I'd come right over. I wanted to make sure she was okay.

There were TWO eye opening moments when I arrived at her home. Two things that I did not expect.


I arrived at my mom's home and used my key to unlock my mom's door. I opened the door to find my mom sitting on her couch in pitch darkness. She was just sitting there staring forward.

When the power goes out people usually run to find a flashlight or they light a candle. My mom did not do that. Her dementia didn't allow her to do that. I did it for her. I got a flashlight out, that was already located in the room she was in, and turned it on.


My mom had been watching tv when the power went out. That's what my mom would always be doing. I had the flashlight on that brought light to the darkness. My mom all the sudden picked up the tv remote, and kept trying to turn on the tv. She kept trying to press the on button. She tried to do it harder with a squinted face. She did this over and over again. It took us awhile to convince her it wasn't going to work because the power was out. This was eye opening to me because even though the power was out,  it didn't register to her, that the tv wouldn't work.

I checked with the power company and the power wasn't going to come on for a few hours. I convinced my mom that she should probably just go to bed. I got her ready for bed. She had a battery operated lantern by her couch (bed). I'll leave the couch bed for another story one day.

She awoke to her power back on the next morning.

The lesson I learned from this day is .  .  .  .  .

I learned this day that many times there are people out there sitting/ living in darkness, and they need some help to bring light into their world.

Help bring lightness into someone's darkness today!

Visit someone, reach out to someone, be kind to someone, give a smile to someone, give a hug to someone, compliment someone, and there's so many more ways to do this. This will make a difference in their life!

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  1. You are so understanding of your moms needs. We can all learn from this.

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