It's A Wrap, 2017!

December 31, 2017

I would say overall the year 2017 has been good to us! We have made it another year! I feel blessed, and hope you are all blessed in 2018!

Here are our top honest events that happened this year in 2017.

* - Let's start the count down - *

Our mom's basement flooded due to a clogged pipe. Our mom used too much toilet paper in the toilet, time and time again. She simply forgot how to use the toilet properly.

Our mom was moved into assisted living memory care.  She has enjoyed it living at the assisting living place, and she has never complained about being there.

Our mom turned 60 years old this year! She didn't know how old she was turning this year or last year. 

Our mom started wearing disposable underwear for the first time. Our mom refused to wear them prior years, and would tell me I could wear them myself, but she wasn't going to wear them. This year she started to wear them daily & she didn't refuse to use them.

We noticed that our mom did not know her grandchildren or son's last name. All of their last names are the same as hers. She did not think they all have the same last names.

Our mom enjoyed the start of summer with car rides. Going out became harder to do, due to incontinence issues. She still gets out and about with everyone's love, patience, & help.

Our mom's cat, Tiger, got sick with cancer. RIP, Tiger!

I made our blog available for the public to see. I had a feeling that wouldn't go away that I needed to share & educate others about Frontotemporal Dementia.

Our mom's pains came back. She had stopped complaining about her pains throughout her bout with Frontotemporal Dementia. This is the first year that she started to complain about her pains that she had, prior to her FTD diagnosis.

This is the first year that we have noticed that our mom didn't know the months or what year it has been. She hasn't been able to associate the holidays with which month it is, either.

This is the first year that our mom let me help her shower. She needs assistance to shower now.

Our mom's short term memory has been worse this year. It is the worst that it has ever been.

Our happiest moments were taking drives, watching tv, partying at Halloween & Christmas, visiting Tiger, listening to Bruno Mars, and just simply hanging out.

Our most trying moments were figuring out the incontinence issues, the flooded basement, and Tiger passing away. For me personally, it was having my mom go to assisted living. The thought of it, and the guilt I had, was very hard at the time. It has turned out to be one of the best choices we have made.

Our positive outlook - Our mom did not get sick during the year 2017. That's a big accomplishment. She would get sick at least once a year since she has had FTD. This year she made it without getting sick.

Our takeaway from 2017 - Be present. The "things" & "stuff" in life doesn't matter. It is the spending time with someone that matters the most. Our mom was able to walk away from her home full of "stuff" and none of the "stuff" mattered to her in the end. When I asked if she needed anything from her home her reply was "what's at my home?" That was very eye opening to me.

Happy New Year from us to you! 

Thank you for your support in 2017!

Our mission is to help spread awareness to Frontotemporal Dementia!

Holiday Fun

Christmas Fun 2017

December 29, 2017

We hope you ALL had a wonderful Christmas this year! We have felt blessed this time of the year. We have been very grateful to be able to spend another Christmas with our mom.

We were able to have a Christmas dinner & a party, Christmas Eve, at "Grandma's House". We made it as simple as can be for our mom. She enjoyed having all of her family together at one time. Our family isn't too big, so I don't think it's too overwhelming for her to have us all together.

Our mom's favorite activities were eating dinner, opening presents from her children/grandchildren, and dancing to Bruno Mars. She was quiet while watching a movie.  She livened right up when she heard Bruno Mars singing. Music has been our blessing to cheer our mom up.

Jon and I were able to drive together to go pick our mom up for the Christmas party! Our car drives usually look like this. We wear our biggest smiles that we can. This is why I feel like we are blessed! We smile every time that we are together! It's not just a "do I have to smile?", smile. It's our real, biggest smiles!

Our Christmas changes from last year -

◦  Our mom would open cards up this year, and not understand who they were from or what they said on the cards.

◦  Our mom wasn't as into the TV as she use to be.

◦  Our mom had to have help getting her food plate.

◦  Our mom had to continually use the bathroom and have help.

◦  Our mom had no idea it was December and Christmas during this month. She couldn't associate all of the Christmas decorations with what month it was. She also didn't know the reason why we celebrate Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who sent/gave my mom cards and gifts! She was definitely spoiled.

People with Dementia don't need much. They mostly just need your love, time, and support. 

I just wanted to shout out to BeeHive Homes & The Salvation Army (Angel Tree) for giving my mom a present from "Santa". It's touching that they give gifts to people in assisted living! Everyone is able to feel love at Christmas time at assisted living. It was thought out gifts that impressed me. Thank you to those of you who volunteer your time at assisted living places, also. I have witnessed many volunteers who make everyone smile, every time they visit. Thank you for what you do! 

Here is how we party FTD style at our parties!  :)

Thank you for your support and thank you for reading our story!

Find the Positive!

Smile Big! 

Our mom with her grandchildren!

Thank you Paul for being our main chef & thank you to everyone for bringing the food you brought to our party!


No-Bake Easy-To-Make Peppermint Ice Cream Oreo Crust Pie Recipe

December 20, 2017

This is a recipe that my mom would always make during Christmas time. It never failed. She would be excited to make this pie for our Christmas Eve parties.

As I look back now, I realize that my mom did everything  possible that was easy for her to do. I never realized back then, what a big job she was doing, to make us this easy-to-do pie. To us it was small, but to her it was a BIG accomplishment.

This recipe is easy for people who are just barely diagnosed with Dementia or even children can help make this recipe. Just help them out, if help is needed.

I hope you enjoy this pie, as much as my mom, loved to make it. 💓💓  

You can't go wrong with ice cream in an Oreo pie crust!

Ingredients - 

1. 1 Oreo Pie Crust

2. 1.75 Quart of Peppermint Ice Cream (You can use Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, too)

3. Whipped Cream

4. Chocolate Fudge or Whatever Toppings You'd Like

5. Crushed Candy Cane

Directions -

1. Let the ice cream thaw out for 5-10 minutes. Spread the ice cream into the already made pie crust. Put as much ice cream into the pie crust that you can fit. Smooth out the ice cream at the top.

2. Put the pie cover on the pie.  Put the pie back into the freezer, and let it freeze until you are ready to eat it.

3. Thaw out the pie for just a little while, and then cut it up into slices for all of your family to enjoy!

4. Add any toppings you would like on top of each cut up piece of pie.

We hope you enjoy this easy to make pie!

What is your favorite holiday dessert?

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Our Missed Sign of FTD - My Mom Could No Longer Hold A Job

December 11, 2017

My mom was a computer whiz, back in the older, computer days. Back in the desk top computer days. She was such a whiz. I never got the chance to learn all that she did with the computers, back then. I would always see my mom on the computer with any free time she had. She loved scanning photos to the computer and making CD's with the photos on them. She loved typing letters on the computer, too. My mom loved it when e-mailing came out. She loved e-mailing long e-mails to others. Perhaps, maybe, I got my love of computers from my mom.

My mom had many jobs that required using a computer and customer service throughout her life. Because of this, her last job should have come natural to her. My mom worked at O.C. Tanner, O'ccurance, Classic Demos, helped my dad with his tax company with the tax paperwork, and my mom's final job had to do with multi-tasking and customer service. My mom was at this job for 5 years, when all of the sudden she could no longer keep up with the demands of her job.

My mom was slow with the computer at her final job. Her numbers were not matching up to others with the same job description. She was starting to have errors that she was doing. I remember my mom got called into her supervisors office on numerous occasions. I remember my mom was so frustrated with this. She was frustrated with herself. They gave my mom an easier job hoping she could keep up with the easier job. She couldn't keep up. 

My mom had been going through a divorce and the court process. I always heard the word, STRESS. I really just thought she was really stressed, and this to would pass. It never did just pass. It only got worse.

I will be forever grateful that my mom's job never fired her. They worked with her every step of the way. She was able to get onto disability, and continue to keep her insurance through this job that she had.

We didn't realize at the time what a BIG thing this was, that my mom no longer was able to work.

We started to get use to the fact that my mom had numerous health problems. I don't think we ever once thought, "this was a Dementia problem starting". It just seemed like my mom had an array of health problems combined, all at once.

Our missed sign of FTD was my mom no longer was able to hold a job.

There is such a big difference between someone who is lazy and does not want to work compared to someone who is trying with all their might to work, but can not work to their full ability.

My mom lost her job about 10 years before she was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia.

I was in my later teens, early 20's during this time. I was trying to figure out my own young adult life while, my mom was struggling in her own life. My brother's were newly married trying to figure out their new married lives. 

#ThinkFTD #EndFTD #Dementia #FrontotemporalDementia 

Holiday Fun

My Mom Visited Santa - Ho Ho Ho

December 06, 2017

Paul had a Christmas party for his past clients this past Saturday. This was the first time that Paul and his team decided to have a Christmas party for their past clients. I wasn't sure if I was going to take my mom or not. I finally decided that it would be fun to have her take a picture with Santa Claus.

Everything went perfectly at the party, and my mom did so good. There was a lot to keep my mom entertained. My mom watched some of The Santa Clause movie, colored on Christmas coloring pages, had pictures taken with Santa Claus, socialized with her niece, listened to Christmas music, and ate some treats.

I have a picture with my mom and Santa Claus now. I've never had a picture with her and Santa, even when I was a little kid! You are never too old to take a picture with Santa Claus! Creating memories is what it is all about!  :)

It was a blessing that my mom did so well! I'm glad that my mom was able to come to a Christmas party, and everything went well. It was a Christmas miracle that she stayed for hours, and she didn't ask to leave! I was able to have fun at the party, and not have to stress about my mom.

We are thankful for everyone who attended the party!

Many thanks to the fabulous photographer who took our photos with Santa Claus!

Keil Creations Photography


I try to look for the positive out of hard situations. This is my positive outlook right here. There is always a positive, even if there's a negative situation. You just have to search for the positive. Positivity will get you through the hard times, better than negativity will. This is what has helped me get through our FTD journey, and is what will continue to help me get through it.

We continue to wish you a Happy Holiday & a Happier 2018 coming up!

This is how I got my mom excited for the party. We dressed up for the car ride to the party! :)

Holiday Fun

Happy December & Happy Holidays

December 04, 2017

I can't believe that it is December already! This year really went by super fast!

I notice that I have a lot of people checking out my posts who have family that has FTD. My blessings and heart go out to all of you. I know our journeys are different, and I also realize that they are similar in a lot of ways, too. My prayers go out to you this holiday season. My prayers go out to those that have lost their loved ones to FTD and any other disease, too.

I'm going to write an update on my mom!

The holidays are a little different with my mom this year. This year she has never known when a holiday is. She didn't know when her birthday was this year, without us telling her, either. She doesn't seem to thrilled about celebrating holidays. I think it's because she doesn't know the meaning of the holidays. It is just another day to her. I'm not sure what we have in store for this Christmas, but whatever we do, we'll be visiting her, and taking her on some car rides. I've noticed that holidays become a thing of the past, at some point, later on with dementia.

My mom has had pain flare ups lately and she has a hard time walking. It's been amazing because she had a ton of pain before she was diagnosed with FTD. She has gone at least 3 years without complaining of pain, and now her pain has come back. 

I have noticed a big change with my mom's short term memory lately. I have been getting shocked when we were just somewhere and my mom does not remember that we were just there within minutes ago. I have never noticed her short term memory this bad. We have noticed her memory slowly fade away year by year, and I'm shocked to see her short term memory slowly fade away, too. It's like we can tell my mom something, and she'll forget it in the same day. Our conversations are changing because of this, and I feel like I'm losing more of my mom each day.

My mom seems to have a harder time recalling people's names quickly. Sometimes it takes her awhile and then she will remember the name. Sometimes she just can't remember names. She forgets who certain people are and how they are connected to the relationship she has with them. This is sad to see.

We decorated my mom's room for the holidays. We took her some of her Christmas stuffed animals, and we decorated her door. The assisted living has a beautiful tree up with some beautiful decorations, also.

May you make many memories, receive many blessings, and have a happy holiday season.

I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it . . . . . . . 

Thank you for your support!

Families need all the support they can get. I know for a fact that they are so very grateful for any, and all the support they get!

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