Fun in the Car - A Random Photography Day

August 30, 2014

Today we went for a spin in Grandpa Stewart's red Mirage car. 

My mom had her camera packed in her purse and needed a reminder to pull her camera out. I told her a few days ago that she should take her camera with her to take pictures, but we hadn't gotten around to taking pictures. 

I told her today to whip that camera out and to become a photographer. She had a lot of fun as the photographer. 

Here are some pictures of our drive to the store to buy bird seed for the birds at my mom's house (she LOVES feeding the birds), and driving over to my house to watch some movies.

Yes, Lucky was with us! He was hot. My mom and Lucky stayed in the car, while I ran into the store. My mom wanted to take the bird seed to her home right away to feed the birds. We rushed the bird food home and that made my mom happy.

On the way to my house, we saw 6 motorcycle cops and a different variety of police vehicles in the driving range at the DMV. I pulled over so my mom could take some pictures. She thought this was cool to see.

We made it a fun traveling day in the car and as you can see, my mom still has her photography skills!  ;)

We are living it up and we are hoping you are too! Hugs and Love to you!

The Chosen One

August 28, 2014

I saw this poem and thought this was definitely written for me. 

I won't lie. Sometimes I have wondered "why, me?". Why am I the chosen one? Why am I the one with so much weight to bear? I haven't thought these things in a complaining manner. I have just wondered and pondered about it.

I have had thoughts & answers come to me that it is because no one can do it quite like I do. It is a talent that I have. One that I have been blessed with. Maybe a calling I had when coming to this earth.

This poem lifts me up. I feel carried. I thank everyone for the prayers, the calls, messages, the simple helping hand, and any simple help. I could never do this alone. It is a daunting task that is never ending. I feel the love and prayers and it is what keeps me going on to the next day, with a smile on my face.

My mom has always been there for me & I want to be there, the best that I can, for her at the time she needs my help the most.

I have prayed, cried, begged, and needed some kind of an answer the last few months. I strongly had this answer come to me, that I hold on to, and will continue to.

Tips & Tricks

Enter Into Their World

August 15, 2014

One thing I have learned is the best way to connect with my mom is to ENTER  into  HER WORLD. I don't stay in my world when I am with her. 

Our worlds are two separate worlds. 

My world is to complicated for her. 

Her world is simplified in her mind, fun, silly, and care free. A TV and movie world. A world about the current weather situation. All about her cat, Tiger world. All about her awesome neighbor, Bob world. All about what her neighbors are doing world.

I realized she will never be able to enter my world again. She is no longer the person that can enter my complicated world. I am able to enter her world and I will continue to do that because that is the best way to connect with her.

My advice to anyone is if you want to connect with my mom or others in this situation... then enter into their world. I promise you that you will have fun and laugh!

Jon entered her world and sent her this picture in a text because I took the first picture above of our mom & weather for Jon to see. Jon sent our mom this text back and our mom loved this picture and sat there laughing and laughing. It made her smile and laugh.

This is a great example of entering into her world.

My positive note of the day and lesson from yesterday is to.......


and in this case the storm passed by VERY QUICKLY, as Jon's picture was taken the same day.

Cindy's Lunchtime

August 15, 2014

My mom's meals that she prepares for herself consist of corn dogs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She use to warm up other frozen dinners like lasagna and chicken pot pies for dinner, but it has changed to just corn dogs. I believe this is because corn dogs are faster to warm up in the microwave and easier for her to prepare & easier for her mind. I have seen this change in the last couple of months. 

She still warms up a corn dog for breakfast every day and has a root beer with it.

I have started to take my mom a packed lunch for her to eat for lunch and eat throughout the day for snacks. I could tell she thought this was strange at first, but now she has gotten use to it. I can tell she enjoys the lunches and starts snacking on things when I am there. She really loves snacking on almonds and carrots.

When we would just buy her groceries from the store she would eat and eat a whole box of something in a day and wouldn't know how to manage the box. She doesn't know when she is hungry EVER. She doesn't know what she wants to eat EVER. If I ask her things she will just shrug her shoulders and have a lost look on her face & look clueless. This is what FTD has done to her.

I had to ask my mom to smile for the above picture because she didn't know to smile for the camera. She is getting a little camera shy too and at times doesn't like me taking her picture.

This was my mom's lunchtime yesterday! She loves her lunchtime at home with her and Tiger.

Best Day of Cindy's Life - Every Day!

August 02, 2014

My mom's favorite song is "Best Day of My Life" by American Authors. 

Every time she hears this song she starts dancing and singing. I was able to capture one of her happy moments to this song on video, while we were on a road trip to Jackson Hole. Paul and I prepared ourselves with a CD, made just for my mom. We had this song on the CD and would listen to this song over and over again when we would want to cheer her up, during our vacation. This song is magic for my mom!

Watch this video, smile, and remember to have the best day of your life, starting NOW and every day!

Lily's Blessing Day

August 02, 2014

   Lily DeYoung was blessed last month and we all had the opportunity to attend the blessing. Paul and I drove my mom up to the blessing. The blessing was at 9 am in Syracuse, UTAH. Jon did a lovely blessing and Jamie bore her testimony.

  Jamie and her family prepared a nice breakfast meal for everyone afterwards to have at Jon and Jamie's home. Paul, my mom, and I stayed for a few hours after everyone left.

Paxton taught us how to catch grasshoppers in his backyard. Sammy was catching them with us too. Macy and Savannah were having fun in the house playing together.

Paxton even got Nate bending down catching grasshoppers!

Happy Blessing Day, Lily! Your Family Loves You!

Hugs and Love,

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