Enter Into Their World

August 15, 2014

One thing I have learned is the best way to connect with my mom is to ENTER  into  HER WORLD. I don't stay in my world when I am with her. 

Our worlds are two separate worlds. 

My world is to complicated for her. 

Her world is simplified in her mind, fun, silly, and care free. A TV and movie world. A world about the current weather situation. All about her cat, Tiger world. All about her awesome neighbor, Bob world. All about what her neighbors are doing world.

I realized she will never be able to enter my world again. She is no longer the person that can enter my complicated world. I am able to enter her world and I will continue to do that because that is the best way to connect with her.

My advice to anyone is if you want to connect with my mom or others in this situation... then enter into their world. I promise you that you will have fun and laugh!

Jon entered her world and sent her this picture in a text because I took the first picture above of our mom & weather for Jon to see. Jon sent our mom this text back and our mom loved this picture and sat there laughing and laughing. It made her smile and laugh.

This is a great example of entering into her world.

My positive note of the day and lesson from yesterday is to.......


and in this case the storm passed by VERY QUICKLY, as Jon's picture was taken the same day.

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  1. I love this thought! I will always look up! Especially towards the SUN!! I love you Natalie and Cindy!

  2. That comment was from your sis and aunt...Linda!

  3. This is lovely, I am a stroke survivor so can relate to this in a small way#trafficjamweekend@_karendennis


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