Marigold Seeds

May 24, 2015

As we were dropping off my mom one night at her home recently, I did my usual routine ... where I walk with her inside, unlock her door for her, help her turn off her radio (that she loves to leave playing for Tiger when she leaves), help her shut the blinds, put her food in place for the next day, put her rootbeer in the fridge, and go through her mail.

I happened to look up at her fridge and see a bowl, that I hadn't noticed before, on the very top of her fridge. I got the bowl down and it was filled with Marigold seeds. A few years ago, when she moved into her home she was obsessed with these seeds. The reason being, why she has Marigold seeds saved in all sorts of places.

My mom saw the bowl of seeds and scrunched up her face with a disgusted look and said "yucky yuck"and repeated that over and over again. She thought it looked so gross and I could tell she wanted me to get rid of the bowl of seeds. I finally told her I thought they were Marigold seeds. That triggered her memory. She then showed me a huge container on the floor of some more that she has collected along the way.

My eyes were just opened up this night, that her beloved Marigold seeds, were now considered to her as something yucky. I took the bowl of Marigold seeds home with me that night, to get rid of them for her, and so I could document this moment.

Just another change and something of her interest, slipping away, out of her grasp and control .....

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