What Is This?

January 15, 2019

What do you see in these photos?

I see . .

  a straw wrapper, that is now garbage  

•  keys  

•   a bill / mail  
 •   a receipt     

Can you imagine looking at these items and no longer knowing what these items are or what they are used for?

My mom has started to ask us more questions lately, and they are usually asking the question "what is this?".

We explain what these items are to my mom. She listens and maybe says "oh". The saddest part about this is. . . . .  no matter how much we try to explain it to her, she can not retain the information. 

A new day comes, and my mom will still ask the same question that she has asked before. "What is this?".  Still having no idea what these same items above are.

This Dementia Journey has made me be thankful for the most littlest things that most may never think of. I am thankful that I know what these items are.

My mom will never know or remember again.

I'll keep remembering for her.

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