A Small Act of Service - Thank You to Nurses!

August 23, 2019

A special thanks to all the nurses who go above and beyond for their patients....... that do things they don't have to do. Just a simple act of service can relieve something that's on a caregivers long "to do" list. 

I was able to mark "cut Cindy's toe and finger nails" off my "to do" list, thanks to Cindy's nurse doing it for me. 

A small act of service/ help, that can seem so small to others, can be so BIG to caregivers! 
Cindy's pampering and appointments are done for the week. We will continue to pamper her.

Thank you to all nurses and especially to Cindy's nurses she has had throughout her FTD journey. She's been lucky to have the best nurses!

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