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Dementia Robbed My Mom of Being The Grandma She Wanted To Be

April 21, 2018

Dementia robbed my mom of being the grandma that she wanted to be. Dementia did not allow my mom to be the grandma that she looked forward to becoming. My mom was in her prime time of being a grandma when she got robbed by Dementia.

I'm sure that any grandma looks forward to this time in their life. It's the time where they can spoil their grandkids, play with them, and then send their grandchildren home with their parents. I've heard on many occasions how being a grandparent is so fun. I feel sad that my mom never got to experience the true experience of being a grandparent in full capacity.

I feel even sadder that my mom's grandchildren never got to experience the true grandma that my mom wanted to be.

My mom tried with all her might, to be a great grandma, to her grand children. She was more with it, and was able to do a little more for her first and second grandchildren. As the years went on, the real grandma in her, slowly drifted away, day by day, year by year.

I remember my mom feeling guilty all the time because she couldn't be the grandma she wanted to be. She vented to me many times about her guilt and frustration that something was holding her back. I had no idea at this time why my mom couldn't be the grandma that she wanted to be. To be honest, we didn't understand her or understand why she couldn't do more.

Anyone experiencing this same thing or anything similar in life, please remember:

Do Your Best, That's All That Matters!

Doing Your Best is Enough!

You Are Enough!

If I could go back in time, I would tell those exact words to my mom and hug her tight.

This has been a lesson to me and my brothers, that Dementia gives many LIMITATIONS in life. Being a grandparent is one of those limitations, unfortunately.


Cindy Turned 61 Years Old in March!

April 17, 2018

I did a quick birthday makeover on Cindy. I put some blush, mascara, and lipstick on her. It was time to PaRtY! She gave her makeover a thumbs up. :) 
We decided last minute to invite family and friends to come together to celebrate Cindy! We figured this might be the last time where she can get out and do something like this. Some hadn't seen her since before her diagnosis of FTD.

We watched the movie " The Greatest Showman". Cindy has loved to watch movies and loves music, so we thought this movie would be fun for her to watch.

Here are a few pictures of Cindy's birthday party fun!

Cindy's son and Cindy's grandchildren
Cindy and her son, Jon.
Cindy and her best friend from elementary school.
Cindy and her two sisters.
Cindy, & Cindy's son, Jon's family.
Cindy's two kids, Cindy's nephew, and Cindy's two nieces.

Thank you to all who came to her birthday party & gave her gifts.

Thank you to all who have supported our mom throughout her life!!

I wasn't able to get a picture of everyone who was there. I'm sorry to those of you who I missed! We missed those who couldn't come, too!


"It's my birthday!

No, it's not!

I still look good though!"

- Perm by Bruno Mars


I've listened to this song by Bruno Mars many times because my mom loves Bruno Mars. I never really listened to the words too well, before. I heard this song on my mom's birthday and it reminded me of my mom.

My mom didn't know it was her birthday, she didn't know what a birthday was, but she still looked good though!

Cindy is the one in the pink coat, near the front, with her hat on.

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