Doing Things For My Mom, That She Once Did For Me

June 25, 2018

I heard the words, "how do I do this", blurted out of my mom's mouth. 

I was busy putting away my mom's shower supplies, after she had showered, when I heard these words. I glanced over at my mom as she was holding up her hair elastic to her head.

I quickly stopped what I was doing, and told her she didn't need to worry about it, because I would help her.

Typically the inside of me would have stopped, felt shocked, & sad at the same time. These kind of questions my mom asks, shows me the progression of the Frontotemporal Dementia, she has. I have become accustomed to hearing stuff like this lately. On this day, it didn't phase me. Maybe, because I have been helping my mom with her hair for years, and I already know she needs help to put her hair up how she likes it.

Instead, I told my mom something similar to this.

I started combing my mom's hair and told my mom that she use to do my hair, like I was doing hers. She replied with a question "I did?". 

I told my mom that, " I am now doing your hair, like you once did for me."

I always try to reassure her, that I will always be there to help her, so she feels comforted.

I have learned with Dementia, that I am blessed to be able to do the things for my mom, that she once did for me. I am now returning the favor.

This just shows that something, as easy as putting hair up in a ponytail, is HARD and IMPOSSIBLE for someone in the later stages of Dementia.

Later Stages

Cindy's June Doctor Update

June 06, 2018

We took Cindy to another doctor's appointment yesterday for a follow up. All went well. These appointments seem like a breeze these days, compared to when she was first diagnosed. She has no anger anymore and she basically has no idea why she's going to the doctor.

We received a receipt after paying her co-payment. I was holding it in my hand while Cindy asked me what it was. She didn't know what a receipt was. The new phase lately has been Cindy asking us what "basic things are, like a receipt.

Cindy hasn't been sleeping well at night, so her sleep and mood pill has been increased, so hopefully she can get some better sleep. She texted me last night 88 times from 7:30pm to 7am so that shows that she's texting me instead of sleeping. I put my phone on silent and let her text away. I think texting is a calming method for her. 🙃

Here are some examples of Cindy's texts to me lately . . . . I'm the text in yellow and she's the one in gray.

Cindy might have a new ride soon in the form of a wheelchair. The doctor ordered her one because she's had a harder time walking lately. The doctor ordered physical therapy, too. We'll see how that turns out with her Dementia, and if they can get her to do the therapy.

Cindy is still doing well in her own world. It seems like she has entered a newer stage of Dementia that we are still trying to figure out. She's more quiet. She has lost a lot of meaning of words and conversations are hard. We communicate with music, hugs, and our smiles. She loves her music. 

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