A Cindy Interview - Part 1

July 08, 2014

I spent some time with my mom yesterday at her home. I told her I was going to do a fun easy interview. I asked her some questions and as I asked her questions, she answered them, and memories would come pouring back to her. 

Here is some of our interview:

I asked her what her favorite color is. She had a hard time with that wide of a question so I had to break it down and ask her what her favorite color to wear is. She told me her favorite color to wear is PINK. She looked at her clothes and said "but I'm not wearing it today."

I asked her what her favorite color in flowers are. She replied that she loves red roses.

I asked her what her favorite flowers are - she said LILIES. I asked her if she likes sunflowers (she said "sunflowers are fun, I don't have them here".) She went on to tell me a story about how Linda Potter brought her a bouquet of lilies at our home on Island Way after she returned home from being in the hospital. She said the bouquet was pretty and it meant a lot to her.

I asked her what is the nicest story she could think of Linda, her sister - Her reply Linda gives me birthday presents and stuff. I asked my mom "how about helping you go to Hawaii?". She agreed with that and went on about stories of Hawaii. 

I asked my mom what is the nicest story she could think of Jean - Jean helped save my life. She had told me the story earlier in the interview about her being in the hospital to get her gallbladder removed when she went into code blue. Jean also asked President Faust to give her a blessing. This experience meant a lot to her. She definitely said Jean saved my life and nodded her head about it.

I asked her what her favorite food was. She kept thinking. I then told her if she was on a stranded island and could only eat one food for a year... what would it be? She told me they don't have food on a stranded island. She then told me that she would pick LASAGNA or corndogs. I told her we would take a microwave for her. She said or else she would have to put it out in the sun to cook. She thought that sounded gross to do.

I asked my mom the nicest story she could think of me and her reply was "you take me places and clean my house".

I asked my mom the nicest story about Jon. She was thinking so I said "is he nice?" she said "yes". I said "does he have a nice family?" She said "yes". I said "does he have cute kids?" She said "yes". Then she said "Jon was good in jr. high." I asked her "in what way?" She said "with his grades."

I asked my mom about Nate next and she remembered the story of her and my dad driving to Oregon to pick up Nate and me because Nate's car broke down up there. We went to see big trees in California she said. I told her we saw the Oregon coast too. We then talked more about this adventure. It was fun of her to remember this event in her life.

That was the end of the interview. She looked out the window a lot and it was hard to keep her focused, but it was a lot of fun to interview her.  I plan to do it again in the future, to see what new answers, I can get out of her.

Stewart Family Reunion at Wheeler Farm

July 08, 2014

My mom had been anticipating to go to the Stewart Family Reunion ever since she received her invitation in the mail. She couldn't wait for June 28th to arrive. 

We had a great time spending time with our  family members that we know well and sitting at the same table as them. It was fun to see some familiar faces and to see some new faces & meet & greet relatives.

The BBQ beef sandwiches were delicious and went great with all of the great pot luck dishes that were brought by everyone. There were also delicious sheet cakes and cookies that we enjoyed eating. My mom enjoyed the strawberry white cake.

My mom, Sammy, and Savannah were really excited to go see the animals on the farm. My mom petted a cow and noticed how smelly they are.

We saw horses, goats, cows, sheep, pigs, ducks, and more on the farm. My mom, Sammy, and Savannah had a great time looking at the animals together.

We took an ice cream break and grandma bought Sammy, Savannah, and herself some ice cream to cool off on the hot day in the sun.

The girls and grandma wanted to go on a wagon ride. Grandma wanted to pay for the ride. Grandma was surprised that we didn't get to see any animals on the ride. We saw scenery on the ride. It was very hot during the ride in the sun, but we had a lot of fun riding on the tractor wagon ride together as a family, as you can see by our fabulous smiles.

Aunt Linda also was a great photographer this day and took so many great pictures of the fun on the farm. I will have to add some of those pictures in, as soon as I get those downloaded. Thank you for always taking pictures and sending them my way!

Families Are Forever! I love my family... including my aunts, uncles, and cousins! I'm so grateful for you all! I know that my mom is so grateful for all of her family, as well.

Cleaning Up The Yard (Video Included)

July 01, 2014

   Today was a fun, clean up the yard, kind of day. It is fun to watch my mom have so much joy and passion in taking care of her yard. She loves to water her yard daily & she has managed to get her grass really green this year. Just like it was last year.

    My mom had a really nice neighbor kid start mowing her lawn yesterday out of nowhere. My mom was sitting on her couch, when she heard the sound of a lawnmower. She was surprised to see a boy mowing her lawn. He mowed all of the front yard except the front strip by the mailbox. His lawnmower broke, while mowing the lawn, so he wasn't able to finish the front strip in the front yard and backyard. 

    My mom got an idea today to start her lawnmower up to finish mowing her lawn. She had fun mowing the backyard and we got some footage of her mowing the lawn. She mowed most of the backyard and then I helped her finish it up. Paul helped mow the front strip for us.

    My mom has also had a new thing for a couple months where she likes to have her garbage can cleaned out. She also likes to air out her garbage can because she thinks it is pretty stinky.

    We had a fun day taking care of the yard in the heat. Enjoy watching my mom in action in the video. Nothing slows her down these days.

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