No Soliciting - Time To Take The Debit Card Away!

February 22, 2016

   I received a text from my mom at 2PM on Friday last week. The text read "Two men were here, they are coming at 10am tomorrow!!!!!!!!!".

   I thought to myself, "what are we up against this time?". I immediately called my mom, but her phone wouldn't go through.  I continued to try to call my mom until the phone finally rang.

  My mom told me that two men had been at her house and inside her house. She read off of the paper, she received, the two names of the men. She finally told me that the company was Direct TV by reading if off the paper. She told me the men were going to send her a gift card in the mail. That is the only thing she could tell me about their visit at this time. I kept questioning her and then I thought to ask her if she gave them her debit card. She said "debit card" in a way that she didn't know what a debit card was. I had to break it down to her as the card she uses to buy things. She said "I didn't give it to them". I had to keep asking her in different ways and she finally told me that they did write down her debit card number.

 My mom gave out her social security number, debit card number, date of birth, phone number, address, and name to these 2 men she didn't know. She even had to go find an envelope with her address on it to show the men because she doesn't know her address. For some reason, she can remember her social security number, but not her address. I guess she has had her social security her whole life and her address for not so long. They also ran a credit report.

Paul and I immediately went to her home. Paul called up the two men who were at her home. The one man spoke back as if they didn't believe us and that my mom spoke to them fine. His words were that she wasn't loony toon or anything. Paul told the guy to come back to my mom's home to talk about it. Paul called the customer service, while waiting for this man to return. The customer service was more caring and said they would cancel it. As Paul was doing those calls, I was cancelling my mom's debit card with the bank. Direct TV had already done a charge on the card of $1.  

The man did come back and just kept saying he was trying to save her money. He even wanted to talk about things inside to get out of the wind. He was trying to revive the deal and had no sincerity with the whole thing. He finally walked away with an attitude.

On Saturday, the next day after they had stopped by. My mom received a phone call and voicemail from the man that Paul didn't speak to. He was still trying to get my mom to purchase the cable and said in the voicemail that he heard Paul was "controlling the situation". Paul called this man back and said a few things to him. The guy said he would make note of it.

We are hoping that is the end of that. Paul bought No Soliciting signs and we put it up at her house. She still does not know what the men were going to do. She says "they were going to do something with my tv".

A lesson was learned. 

We took checks away from her during the summer when she hired someone to cut down her tree. She said she could use her checkbook to pay $500 to some random man that stopped by her house. I took her check books away after that. Luckily, we were able to catch the man before he cut down her tree.

She has liked her debit card. I think it makes her feel secure and is probably the last thing she had to feel normal. 

I feel bad, but it is time that she doesn't have a debit card anymore.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyday!

February 12, 2016

November 2015

Thanksgiving is a great time to be thankful, but ALL year long, we should continue to be thankful.

We are thankful for so many things, but we are especially thankful for YOU!

Tell someone you are thankful for them today & every day!

 I have learned that it is a gift to be able to do so.

Thank you to everyone who makes a difference in our life! If you are reading this, we appreciate you & LOVE YOU!

Time Has Passed By - Happy New Year!

January 20, 2016

Hello! I have just noticed that time has passed by on here. I will write a quick update on Cindy/Mom.

Cindy is doing well. She is happy & content. Paul and I took her to a follow up 6 month doctor appointment this month. She received 2 shots and got her blood drawn. She is still not happy when going to the doctor's appointments, but she lightens up when the appointment is all over with. She always tells the doctor that she is "fine" after he asks how she is doing. A bone density test was ordered for her to do at this first visit. We haven't done that yet though. The doctor wants to see how she is doing compared to her last one done 2 years ago.

The blood test did come back and we went into the doctor's office for a 2nd visit this month. Her thyroid pill was adjusted in dosage and she started a new pill to help her triglyceride because her level is high. We were told that her triglyceride level could cause a stroke or heart attack. This was already a problem before, and this time we decided to start her up on the pill. The doctor also told us to start giving her fish oil. She will have more blood tests in 3 months to see where she is at with everything.

Everything else is going well for her health wise. 

The biggest problem we see right now is her communication & finding words. We see a decline every day, with her vocabulary, where she can't say what she wants to right away, because the words don't come to her easily. One new word that I noticed, that she couldn't remember the name of is pizza. She called it a round thing. It's kind of shocking when words she knew a week ago or so, become hard for her to remember. She has a hard time telling stories and finding the words to say. She will describe words when she can't think of the word. Like for example: when thinking of stove, but she can't think of the word stove, she will say "the thing you cook on", instead of stove. I will also say words and she has no clue what the words are that I'm saying. This seems like a new thing to me and I just see her mind slowly drifting away more and more. She didn't know what a lint roller was. I was trying to find one at her house because I knew she had one there. I showed her what it was after I found it & she seemed interested to learn that's what that was. She also didn't know what rice krispie was. She has a rice krispie treat for her lunch every other day or so. I asked her if she had one for lunch and she said "rice krispie" like questioning and wondering what that was.

She had a great Christmas. Thank you for everyone remembering her and blessing her with a gift & love. She enjoyed each and every one of her gifts that she received. She enjoyed opening Linda's box of fun. Jean's banana bread, which she enjoyed in her lunches. Gifts from Paul's family, Jon and Nate's family. She enjoyed receiving a few Christmas cards, as well. Thank you everyone! She enjoys the simplest things. Each one of you brought a SMILE to her face! She can't express her appreciation, but I know she appreciated it. THANK YOU!

Here's to another year of being with my mom and having her make me smile everyday! Her birthday will be here before we know it in March! She keeps telling everyone she is turning 60 this year. She is in a rush to make it to 60. She really will only be 59 this year!

Thank you everyone for everything you do to help us with my mom. Anything small or big, we appreciate it so much!

Happy New Year!!

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