Cindy's Lunchtime

August 15, 2014

My mom's meals that she prepares for herself consist of corn dogs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She use to warm up other frozen dinners like lasagna and chicken pot pies for dinner, but it has changed to just corn dogs. I believe this is because corn dogs are faster to warm up in the microwave and easier for her to prepare & easier for her mind. I have seen this change in the last couple of months. 

She still warms up a corn dog for breakfast every day and has a root beer with it.

I have started to take my mom a packed lunch for her to eat for lunch and eat throughout the day for snacks. I could tell she thought this was strange at first, but now she has gotten use to it. I can tell she enjoys the lunches and starts snacking on things when I am there. She really loves snacking on almonds and carrots.

When we would just buy her groceries from the store she would eat and eat a whole box of something in a day and wouldn't know how to manage the box. She doesn't know when she is hungry EVER. She doesn't know what she wants to eat EVER. If I ask her things she will just shrug her shoulders and have a lost look on her face & look clueless. This is what FTD has done to her.

I had to ask my mom to smile for the above picture because she didn't know to smile for the camera. She is getting a little camera shy too and at times doesn't like me taking her picture.

This was my mom's lunchtime yesterday! She loves her lunchtime at home with her and Tiger.

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  1. Natalie...You make me cry! Thanks you for taking such GOOD care of your mom! That sack lunch was a brilliant idea. I love this blog because I can enter her world even though I am immersed in the middle of my world! You are a very talented writer. Love, Linda


Thank you so much for your comment! :)

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