The Chosen One

August 28, 2014

I saw this poem and thought this was definitely written for me. 

I won't lie. Sometimes I have wondered "why, me?". Why am I the chosen one? Why am I the one with so much weight to bear? I haven't thought these things in a complaining manner. I have just wondered and pondered about it.

I have had thoughts & answers come to me that it is because no one can do it quite like I do. It is a talent that I have. One that I have been blessed with. Maybe a calling I had when coming to this earth.

This poem lifts me up. I feel carried. I thank everyone for the prayers, the calls, messages, the simple helping hand, and any simple help. I could never do this alone. It is a daunting task that is never ending. I feel the love and prayers and it is what keeps me going on to the next day, with a smile on my face.

My mom has always been there for me & I want to be there, the best that I can, for her at the time she needs my help the most.

I have prayed, cried, begged, and needed some kind of an answer the last few months. I strongly had this answer come to me, that I hold on to, and will continue to.

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