My Mom Visited Santa - Ho Ho Ho

December 06, 2017

Paul had a Christmas party for his past clients this past Saturday. This was the first time that Paul and his team decided to have a Christmas party for their past clients. I wasn't sure if I was going to take my mom or not. I finally decided that it would be fun to have her take a picture with Santa Claus.

Everything went perfectly at the party, and my mom did so good. There was a lot to keep my mom entertained. My mom watched some of The Santa Clause movie, colored on Christmas coloring pages, had pictures taken with Santa Claus, socialized with her niece, listened to Christmas music, and ate some treats.

I have a picture with my mom and Santa Claus now. I've never had a picture with her and Santa, even when I was a little kid! You are never too old to take a picture with Santa Claus! Creating memories is what it is all about!  :)

It was a blessing that my mom did so well! I'm glad that my mom was able to come to a Christmas party, and everything went well. It was a Christmas miracle that she stayed for hours, and she didn't ask to leave! I was able to have fun at the party, and not have to stress about my mom.

We are thankful for everyone who attended the party!

Many thanks to the fabulous photographer who took our photos with Santa Claus!

Keil Creations Photography


I try to look for the positive out of hard situations. This is my positive outlook right here. There is always a positive, even if there's a negative situation. You just have to search for the positive. Positivity will get you through the hard times, better than negativity will. This is what has helped me get through our FTD journey, and is what will continue to help me get through it.

We continue to wish you a Happy Holiday & a Happier 2018 coming up!

This is how I got my mom excited for the party. We dressed up for the car ride to the party! :)

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  1. That picture is so sweet. You are never too old to take a picture with Santa. You are right to look for the positives. Focusing on the negatives is a pretty sad street.

  2. Wishing you a wonderful holiday, I hope you enjoyed visiting Santa

  3. What a lovely idea! A friend of mine just had her photo taken with Santa and at first I thought it was funny but now I think it would be a lovely idea for my grandchildren to see Nan with Santa. Thanks for sharing with us at #BloggersPitStop


Thank you so much for your comment! :)

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