Ways How We Cut My Mom's Hair - Frontotemporal Dementia

March 26, 2018

I recently noticed that my mom's hair was getting harder to comb, and it was harder to wash her hair with it being longer.  It was time for another haircut!

I scheduled Paul's & Natalie's FTD Haircutting/Beauty Services to come cut my mom's hair. Okay, so we really don't have a business named that, but if we did, maybe, we would name it that.

We grabbed the scissors, combs, and hair ties! We headed over to assisted living to cut my mom's hair.

I designated my husband, Paul, early on to be my mom's hairdresser. He has helped cut my mom's hair every time she's needed her haircut since her diagnosis with FTD. He always just trims her hair up, and it's easy for him to do. We decided early on that it would just be easier to trim her hair ourselves, instead of taking her somewhere, to get her hair cut. 

My mom has the Behavioral Variant of FTD, so we have learned early on that sometimes it is hard to take her out in public. She can say stuff that is not filtered about others, she can laugh at others, and sometimes it is just easier to do stuff on our own, than to deal with the Behavioral Variant behaviors, that my mom has.

Here are some helpful tips that might come in handy, if you are wanting to cut your loved ones hair to save time, money, and your sanity - (and if you want to pay for someone to cut your loved ones hair, I wouldn't blame you for wanting to do that, instead, to save your sanity.)

1. The first thing we did was search on YouTube something similar to "how to cut hair yourself". We had no idea how to cut hair. This was very helpful and gave us ideas on how to cut hair. This is the video that Paul watched to give him simple hair cutting ideas. It has over 1.5 million views, so I think everyone is getting simple hair cutting ideas from this video.

2. All you really need is wet hair, scissors, a comb, hair ties, a towel, a chair, a head holding still, and some patience.

3. Anyone that is familiar with FTD knows that time is valuable. 10 minutes or less is a must for cutting hair with Dementia (that is in my opinion only). My mom would rather be doing something else than to be sitting still getting her hair cut. Time is of the essence when it comes to dementia, and cutting hair.
And voilà..... My mom had trimmed hair in 10 minutes or less!
Check out our other hair cutting posts that we have documented during my mom's FTD diagnosis below.

Haircut Time

Haircut Time - Take Two (Pictures are included)

As always, my prayers and thoughts go out to everyone who is dealing with Dementia in their life right now! It is such a hard thing to watch and go through! 

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