Ice Cream Night at Leatherby's

January 12, 2015

Jon and Jamie drove the kids down to pick up Grandma Tiger to take her out to Leatherby's for dinner and ice cream on Friday night!

Grandma was so excited when I told her the news that she had a special surprise coming. She wasn't to sure about the surprise at first because she likes to know about what's going on instead of being surprised. When I told her more about the surprise she was really excited that Jon and his family would be picking her up in their big vehicle.

Grandma chose to have her favorite mint ice cream, while Paxton had chocolate, and Macy had her "Frozen" kind, flavored like bubblegum.

Mom also had another surprise from Jon and Jamie. She was given the movie "Grease" and Jon helped set it up at her home so she could watch it right after she was dropped off. She was given some white chocolate Kit-Kat treats that she was happy about too.

My mom told me "That was so nice of them" in an excited and happy voice. Jon and Jamie treated my mom to dinner, ice cream, and a movie at home. She loved it!

Thank you, Jon and Jamie for making mom's night! She was spoiled!

I enjoyed having the day off from my daughter duties!  ;)


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