Haircut Time - Take Two

February 16, 2015

This weekend, Paul and I took the time to help take care of my mom's hair. My mom will time and time again tell me that her hair is just fine. She tried to tell me this again, that her hair was just fine the way it was. With Paul's help we talked her into letting us comb through her matted hair, let us wash her hair in the sink, and she let Paul cut her hair. She is not a fan of any of this. She did really well though, considering everything.

Paul started combing one side of her hair, while I started on the other side. This helped the combing go by so much faster then when I do it by myself. It usually takes me a hour to comb out her hair by myself.

Her hair has grown so fast and because my mom can't take care of her hair by herself, I told Paul to cut off A LOT of her hair. Paul cut off 7 inches of her hair.

My mom was all smiles after the haircut with Paul. She felt her hair in the back after it was all done & in a ponytail, and laughed out loud. She kept laughing and saying that "it's short".

This is one of the biggest struggles we have, but we keep doing the best we can. I'm sure this haircut will be a big help. 

Thank you, Paul, for all of your help! I couldn't do this without you & your support!

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