My Mom Didn't Want A Husband This Day

September 11, 2017

My mom lives just down the street from a bakery place called "The Chocolate, A Dessert Cafe", located on 9118 S Redwood Road in West Jordan, UT. We drive by there quite frequently when we are going on a drive with my mom.

Paul and I always joke to my mom that we should stop at the bakery and get her a husband. She always just laughs. I'm sure she has no idea what we mean.

We decided one day to actually stop there and do exactly what we always say. 

This bakery makes a super moist yellow cake with chocolate frosting. This cake is called "The Husband". I wish I new the reasoning behind the name of the cake, but I don't. This cake is super delicious, and that means a lot coming from someone who doesn't typically like a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. This is a cake I know I will eat again and again.... in the future. Paul really loves this cake, too.

Paul bought us The Husband and a Cazookie (A huge warm baked cookie with ice cream on top) so we had the best options for us to choose from. :)  My mom dived right into the Cazookie and she had no desire for The Husband Cake. She dived right in while the Cazookie was still hot and I'm sure she burnt her poor tongue, just a little bit.

My mom always has a hard time waiting for food to cool down. She is always eating stuff hot and doesn't listen to us say "wait, for it to cool down". She struggles with this all the time.

We had a fun time and enjoyed our desserts. Below is a short video that Paul took of us arriving at the bakery.

My mom didn't care for or want a husband this day!

A little humor, always helps us on our dementia journey.

Thank you to The Potters for introducing us to The Chocolate!

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. This is just a honest true story on our experience with my mom at The Chocolate.

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