Reunion with Tiger the Cat & Our Mom

September 04, 2017

My mom was able to have a reunion with her kitty cat, Tiger, this weekend! She had been waiting for this moment for awhile.

Tiger let my mom hold him for just a minute. He's never really been a big fan of her holding him. Tiger would walk by her and have his body rub against her a few times.

The moment that Tiger had been waiting for, happened. My mom was eating some chocolate chip mint ice cream. She was almost finished with her ice cream and then Tiger went up to her and begged for her ice cream. It is something he always use to do with her. My mom put her bowl down and let Tiger eat some of her ice cream. My mom saved the last bit of ice cream for herself to eat after Tiger had eaten out of the bowl.

You have to pick and choose your battles with dementia. Telling her to not feed Tiger ice cream would have made her mad and she would have done it anyways. This is something she is use to doing with her dementia. My mom's grandkids were watching all of this and they had the look on their face like they couldn't believe what grandma was doing.

Tiger and our mom were reunited and it felt so good! :)

Thank you for taking such good care of Tiger, Jon, Jamie, and the Family!

Here's a short clip below, for you to see my mom feed Tiger ice cream.

P.S. On a side note, Tiger has lost a lot of weight that he was in need of losing. He looks so good!

P.P.S. Here are some previous blog posts about Tiger, if you want to get updated on Tiger and my mom.

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