Feeding the Ducks Time!

June 01, 2014

My mom's new favorite thing to do is feed the ducks. She just loves to throw the ducks food. She could stand for hours and throw them food if she had bags and bags of food. I asked her if she wanted to feed the ducks today. She thought that would be fun! She was excited to go feed the ducks. 

We had 3 bags of bread. Paul and I let her feed the ducks as we watched her. Paul stole a few pieces of bread to feed the ducks from my mom and I'll admit I took a piece. We mainly let my mom feed the ducks though. When she would come to the end of a bag, she would tell me to get another bag ready for her.

She really lights up when feeding the ducks! If anyone is up to having a fun time feeding ducks with my mom, she would love it!

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