Tiger... Hear Him Roar

May 10, 2014

When I post about my mom on this blog, it just does not seem complete without posting a picture of her cat, Tiger. Tiger is her constant companion and buddy, who is by her side day and night.

My mom found Tiger when she stayed with Paul and I for a few months back in 2011. We were helping her find a home to purchase and she stayed with us while finding a home. Tiger was a stray kitten that would come to the back door crying to come inside. My mom loved him from the moment she saw him and considered him her cat from then on. Tiger has been in her life for 3 years and has been a heaven sent thing for her. She loves to tell everyone that she lives with her cat, Tiger. She will say "It is just me and my cat, Tiger".

It is amazing the companionship and love an animal can bring into people's lives. I'm so glad that my mom has a furry companion who loves her and her him!

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