Final Test Results

May 28, 2014

We have been waiting for a month to hear the results of our mom's PET scan results that she had done back in April. We have been well aware of the symptoms and the doctor's thoughts of what has been going on. We weren't to shocked, or disappointed by the diagnosis that the doctor gave my mom yesterday. I think I have been preparing myself to hear those words from the doctor. ALL of the symptoms have been there. There has been no denying it.

The doctor gave my mom the diagnosis of Frontotemporal Dementia. 

We were left with some positive thoughts from a positive lady named Cathy.

- suggested to join a support group that is located in Sandy, UT.
- schedules, schedules, schedules work best for people with dementia.
- help my mom pick out her talents and thrive on them 
- spend some time with her (take her out to lunch, etc.)
- do not argue with someone with dementia, change the subject and move on (lesson has already been learned)
- The book "What If It's Not Alzheimer's" was recommended to read for family to get a better understanding.

We are meeting with a social worker next week to get some more information and for help to direct us in the next steps of this new journey we will take together.

On the most positive note I can give, my mom tells everyone "she is fine". She tells the doctor "she is fine". I know from here on out my mom is going to enjoy her life in a new way. She already has been enjoying her life and it has been fun to watch her enjoy the little things in life. She is teaching me to enjoy life right now. I asked her yesterday if she will teach me how to enjoy life and her reply was "YES". 

Let's ALL keep on enjoying the little things in life!

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