SURPRISE, Let's Feed the Ducks

May 06, 2014

 Paul and I told my mom that we had a surprise for her back in March before the week of her birthday. We told her that we were going somewhere, but we couldn't tell her where we were going. She was excited about this and happy in the back seat of the car like she usually is.

 We stopped by the store to get some bread. Paul went in to get the bread and put the bread in the trunk of the car so she didn't see that Paul had just bought bread. We were then on our way to our secret place. As we got closer to our arrival place, my mom blurted out "I know where we are going". I said "where"?  She said "we are going to the duck place". She still knew the way. We played it off and still didn't tell her that was indeed where we were going.

 My mom enjoyed feeding the ducks with her head phones and music on. It was a bright sunny day. She enjoyed sharing bread with some kids that were there, but didn't have anything to feed the ducks.

It was nice to see my mom happy & smiling again, being carefree and feeding the ducks.

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