Happy Memorial Day!

May 26, 2014

Linda invited us to meet her and Jean at the cemetery on Sunday, the day before Memorial Day. It was fun to meet Linda and Jean at the cemetery, to put some things on the graves of grandpa and grandma. 

My mom has some beautiful roses growing in her front yard so I had her pick two roses to put on the grave. We also had a flag to put on the grave. Linda and Jean also brought some things and together the grave's decoration looked completed.

We had a fun time chatting, catching up, and remembering those close to our hearts. It was so great to see Linda and Jean! (It always is!!) 

May we remember today and always, those who have passed on! 

I also believe, true to my heart, that we should treat everyone as if today could be their last day on this earth. We never know when our last day could be. 

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  1. I loved meeting you there...This blog is perfect!! Now I can keep up with all that you are doing!

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