Beauty in Sunsets

May 20, 2014

We had the experience to see a beautiful sunset last week that was so beautiful. The pictures don't do justice for the sunset! We took Lucky, my dog, to the park to walk. Paul and I walked Lucky around at the park, while my mom sat in the car, watching the sunset and listening to her music with her headphones on.

  The sunset was so beautiful! I had my mom come take some pictures with myself so we could have some sunset pictures together! It was a fun evening at the park and we all enjoyed ourselves!

 May we all continue to have beauty in our lives even at our darkest and happiest moments!

Even at our most darkest moments there is always beauty to be thankful for. We still have family and friends who love us. A roof over our heads. A vehicle to drive. Refreshing water to refresh us and clean us. A bathroom to use. A blue sky to look up too. Rainfall to replenish the earth. A sun to give us warmth. Air conditioning to cool us off. A heater to warm us up. The list could go on and on.

 Be thankful for the beauties of this earth!

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