You WILL Get Through This! - Falling Apart & Getting Back Up -

July 09, 2018

My family and closest friends have seen me at my lowest points. They've seen me cry more times than I'd like to admit. I like to show a strong face, but the truth is behind the internet, I do cry, more than I'd like to.

I'm taking this story back into time. Back into the year 2014. This was during the weeks we were taking my mom to the neurologist, to figure out what had been going on with my mom, to see why she was acting so strange, & also learning the sad news.


I was at work leaning over with my head down on top of my arms on the desk. I had tears streaming down my arms onto the desk below. Unfortunately, a few people at work got to see my tears. The tears seemed like they were because my heart felt broken into a million pieces. I was losing my mom and I really just could not comprehend it all. I never imagined that I would hear the words, "Your mom has Frontotemporal Dementia. There is no cure and it is eventually fatal."

You see, I am my mom's only daughter, so our bond was super close.

On this occasion at work, there was a friend that happened to see me at my worst. I was super sad at the news. He gave me one of the greatest speeches that has stuck with me. This is just the short version of our conversation.

He said. . ."Think back to ALL of your trials throughout your life". 

"You made it through them, right?"

Me . . .Thinking for a bit. 

"Yes, I did."

He said . . .

"I know it's super hard right now, but you will get through this. Just like you have gotten through all your other trials."


I'm here to say, that at the time during this conversation, I couldn't really picture myself getting through this trial. I was devastated. 

I'm here to say it has been 4 years since this moment in my life.

It has gotten easier for me to cope with, 4 years later. It has been hard, but I have gotten through this.

My friend was right. . . . 

You WILL Get Through This!

Looking back, I'm so grateful for this conversation and the time that was put into this conversation.

I hope this message touches someone that needs to hear these words. I felt like I needed to share this story today and I felt compelled to share.


You WILL Get Through This!

Just like after a storm. . . 
and the sun comes out & reappears.

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  1. I can not imagine how hard it was for you when the Doctors gave your the news :( Heartbreaking to hear such sad news about your Mom.I hope things continue to get easier for you all.


Thank you so much for your comment! :)

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