The One Year Mark Living At Assisted Living

February 20, 2018

Today marks the one year mark that our mom has lived at a memory care assisted living! I'm not quite sure if I'm suppose to celebrate, feel sad, smile, or cry about it.

As I reflect on this, I feel like I can only be positive on this 1 year anniversary mark! Here are the reasons why I feel positive, happy, & thankful about this 1 year mark:

◦  I feel so much better about the idea of assisted living now, then I did a year ago.

◦  We have been able to receive needed respite.

◦  Our mom has not complained about being at assisted living. Not even once. I feel this is simply a miracle.

◦  I no longer worry on a daily basis if our mom is safe or not.

  Our mom feels safer, cared for, and fits right in.

  Our mom's day is filled with many activities and entertainment. More than I could ever do for her.

◦  and   there's   so   much   more.

With FTD, there are so many negatives. On this 1 year mark, I choose to see the positive! The positive is what will help us get through it all!

We still have our mom with us, and we can still create memories together!

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  1. Your journey is complicated and I am happy that I can travel the path with you.

  2. My in-laws are adjusting to assisted living. This is their second one. The first one just didn't work out for them. Now they are happy where they are living and we don't have to worry anymore.

  3. Your mom looks like a sweet lady! My mom teaches chair yoga at the assisted living in town, they all love it so much, and they are such sweet people to be around! My grandmother was in there for awhile too, it was definitely an adjustment for her, but ultimately the best decision :)


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