Almost Wordless Today - Blank Stares By Jay Allen

February 01, 2018

I've had a lot of words come to my mind lately. I just haven't known how to put them all together. I heard this song today, and thought this is how I have been feeling lately.

This song brought tears to my eyes.

I'm so glad that people with the gift of singing use their talent to create songs like this!

Jay Allen - Blank Stares

My blessings and thoughts go out to everyone who has had Alzheimer's or any other Dementia hit their family!

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  1. What an incredibly beautiful song this is <3 Thank you so much for sharing. I've experienced Alzheimer's in my family and it takes such a heavy toll on all involved.

    XOXO sending much love your way, my sweet

  2. A very moving song and Alzheimer's is such a horrible disease for both the patient and the family. Thank you for sharing at #BloggersPitStop


Thank you so much for your comment! :)

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