The Attempted Hospital Escape

November 17, 2017

Our FTD story started out with my mom making a trip to the hospital and getting admitted into the hospital. My mom was admitted into the hospital for a few days in November 2013. You can read the story here to be caught up with why my mom was admitted into the hospital & to see when this attempted hospital escape story happened. This happened the same time as the Hospital Stay - IMC post.

My mom had been acting quite off for some time. We still had no idea what was really wrong with my mom. I went to visit my mom at the hospital, like I did every day, while she was in the hospital. It was just me and my mom in her hospital room. She all of the sudden told me "let's get out of here, let's leave".  I remember asking her who was going to drive her away and she told me "you are". I remember thinking & wondering to myself what to do. She was completely dead serious about escaping the hospital. I felt like at that moment, we could have been in a movie scene together, trying to escape the hospital.

Before I knew it, my mom ripped her IV line out of her. She ripped off anything that was attached to her. She put on the rest of her clothes and she said, "let's go", as she started out of the door. No matter how hard I tried to get her to stay, she had already made her mind up that she was going to escape with my help or not. I remember standing there, feeling so torn, as my mom, wanted me to help her escape, but the right thing to do was to get help from a nurse.

As my mom started down the hallway, I walked and knocked on a nurse's door and told her my mom was trying to escape, and I needed their help.

The nurses caught up to my mom near the elevator, and brought her back to her room. My mom was so UPSET. She was upset because, she thought she was fine, and she just wanted to leave.

They had to call security, and have someone sit at a desk outside my mom's door, watching my mom's door, to make sure she didn't try to escape again. Yep, that is right. My mom is someone who has been watched carefully while at the hospital.

My heart was torn in so many different places during this time. I knew something was wrong with my mom, but I didn't quite know what was wrong with her. Part of me was feeling like my mind, was also, going crazy, in the process of everything.

You would think that this could be a made up fictional story, but instead, this is the REALITY of Frontemporal Dementia.

I sit here and think of how grateful we are. We have come so far in this journey. I would never, ever, want to start this journey again. I hope we never have to again. It has been so hard, so tear jerking, so heart wrenching, so every feeling you can feel, and some more. I am thankful we have come this far. 

I am glad we are past the first stage. My heart goes out to everyone who is starting the FTD journey!

I am scared of the upcoming stages and the unknown. I'll replace my fear with faith, though.

Faith over fear, always.

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  1. Thanks for continuing to share your story. This must have been so terrifying to see your mom like this.

  2. Thank you for your honest post and it is so sad to see our parents starting to decline. Sending you my best wishes. #BloggersPitStop


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