Caregiving & My Favorite Quotes

November 12, 2014

I often can't even put my thoughts into words as a caregiver. I have read some really inspiring blogs/ facebook pages and quotes lately that have stuck out to me and it becomes an "ah ha" moment inside of me or a "that is so me" feeling inside of me. I want to post some quotes that I want to be able to remember. 

I want to be able to come back to this post and get boosted up when the going gets tough. These quotes will & do inspire me. These quotes are from fellow caregivers that understand me and I understand them . . . .


I can honestly say that caregiving has been the richest experience of my life.

A young friend of mine called the caregiving journey a “Blesson”—and it truly is. I was blessed to have been able to care for those dearest to me, and to make a difference in their lives at the most critical times. I was blessed to learn just how capable I am and how much patience one can muster if there is love. The lessons, many of us know, just keep coming—we’re always learning something new. But the flip side of the richness, is frequently stress, great sadness, anger, loss and grief.

 I pray that I can be a glimpse of the mother to my children that mine has been to me and her grandchildren. When it's all said and done, what is it that brings us joy in life?  The money, nice homes, beautiful cars, far away vacations...things?  For me, the answer is simple.  Enjoy every waking moment with those you love. Taking nothing or no one for granted.  Try to make each day a "memory."  Realizing that we will all travel this road again, but in a different way. 


As I have written many times, this woman was my hero, my confidant, my best friend. I will always cherish our memories together. I would just like to encourage each of you who has a loved one with dementia. Please, don't tell yourself that there's no use in visiting them because they won't remember. I have learned that the visits aren't so much for them, but for us. Try to remember the good times that you've shared and know that they aren't responsible for their words or actions. God bless each of you who give of your time and energy, but most of all, "yourself" as a caregiver. 


 God Bless my precious mother and all those who are trapped in their world of dementia. 


 May God bless each and everyone of you who is facing the same struggles as my family and I have. Only God has the answers to it all. 


  I pray for families all over the world, that one day, there will be a cure for this dreaded disease, dementia. The thief that is stealing the very souls from the ones we love. 


 My prayer has always been and will always be through this crazy "up and down" journey with my mother, is that I can serve HIM while serving her.


Only God knows how much I love my mother. Only He can remind me of this love as I care for her. I pray for much needed strength and patience as I make my way down the stairs each morning. 


 I know that I have enough love for my mother to care for her on a daily basis, I just hope I have enough strength! 

A lot of the quotes that I posted come from the blog I have enjoyed reading this blog that I recently found because I can relate to it. A daughter blogs about her journey with her mother and dementia. 

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