A Penguin Experience This Week

November 21, 2014

Every week I have something new that is fun and entertaining that happens with my mom. The experiences make me smile and laugh to myself. I always want to write them down because I always forget them, because new experiences happen again and there are so many stories I could tell.

I was driving my mom and I through a neighborhood 2 days ago and my mom told me "you almost hit a penguin". 

When things like this are said, I always have to think to myself "did she just say what I think she said?".  I said back to my mom as a question to her, "I did?" She said "yeah, you did. There was a penguin back there. "

A bird had flown in front of the car and this is what she was referring to.

As we kept talking....

 We had seen bird droppings earlier all over a sidewalk and fence on a busy road. She is very into details and noticing things these days, so she of course noticed this as we were waiting for a red light to turn green.

My mom then told me it was probably the penguin that had made the mess on the sidewalk and fence, also.

 I don't correct her anymore. I just listen to her. I don't want to make her feel less of a person just because of her disability that is messing with her language. 

I have talked to her since then and I believe that she was thinking of a pigeon, but she was saying penguin and was totally saying that as if that was normal.

This is just an example of what I hear on a daily basis and how her words get mixed up and at times it can get really confusing at what she is saying. 

I am thankful that she can still talk and have a conversation. I will take advantage of this time I have while I can still converse with her. I know some people with this disability can or will become mute. It may just be a matter of time. Who knows? I will just keep on being positive and thankful!

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  1. Thanks for being such a great friend for her and going along with the unusual things she says! You are the greatest! I love both of you!


Thank you so much for your comment! :)

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