Talented Writer Award Goes To Cindy

September 07, 2014

One of my mom's special gifts and talents has always been to express herself in beautiful writing. She wrote cards to people like no one else would or could. I'm sure anyone and everyone who knows her closely has received a card, letter, or e-mail and knows what I am talking about. She loved to write and knew how to, creatively, letting  you know that she cared, was thankful, and loved you.

I find cards and notes that I have from her and they make me smile. No one else knows how to write quite like her. 

I believe my mom was able to write this way up until a year ago or so. Slowly, her mind has slipped away. 

I helped my mom write a letter and card to her friend last week.

I had to help get the card and paper out & encourage her to write. I helped my mom and told my mom what to write. I felt like it was, as if, I was writing the letter, and it definitely was not her writing it in her creative way. That made me sad. 

When she was finished writing what I told her to write, she would look at me when she was done, and wait for me to tell her the next sentence to write. 

It really opens up my eyes, when I see someone who's talent was to write and they don't even know how to END a letter or card anymore. She just wrote word for word what I told her to. That moment, I just wished that I could go back in time, into her head, and help her write word for word what she would write herself. She did put a squiggly line under her name herself. She looked up at me, smiled, and shrugged her shoulders about her new signature. She also drew a heart and smiled about that.

I just smiled after though and knew it was great for her to write and she felt good about herself that she wrote & sent a letter to her friend.

This experience in my life has opened up my eyes. It makes me more thankful and more humble for the little things. I think I have always been thankful, but I feel more thankful than ever before! I am thankful to have this experience with my mom. She is teaching me now, in this moment, more heart felt lessons now in life, that I will forever be grateful for.

I am thankful, at this moment, that she is still able to pick up a pen and write. 

She may not be able to pick up a pen and write a letter herself. She may not be able to spell some words and might ask me how to spell things. She may not be able to send a text or e-mail because it is to overwhelming or she doesn't have internet service at home. She may not be able to come up with words. She may not know some words anymore and only knows how to describe them in a funny simple way, without knowing the actual name of the word. ( For example: a nail is a long metal thing to her.

It is all about the SIMPLE THINGS in life!

I am thankful for the SIMPLE positive THINGS in our life right now!

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  1. Thank you...thank you...thank you! Natalie, you are beautiful and wonderful and patient. I know Cindy was very talented in her writing!


Thank you so much for your comment! :)

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