Final Test - PET Scan

April 16, 2014

     We took our mom to the Huntsman Cancer Institue for a PET scan this week. This is the final testing that will determine if my mom has frontotemporal dementia or alzheimer's. 

     We were very lucky to get her to the appointment with much success and no complications with getting her there. She went peacefully and we didn't have to persuade her much to get her to go. My mom absolutely refused to get this test done at her last doctor appointment, so it was a blessing that her attitude changed, and she made it easy for us this time. 

      The test lasted 2 hours long. The part that was not fun for her was laying on a hard table that hurt her back (luckily her back felt much better after a hour or so) and getting an IV inserted into her arm. We will now wait for the results to be sent over to the neurologist and wait until we have an appointment with the doctor until we find out the final results. We hope to have the results soon!

      We took my mom out to lunch afterwards because she wasn't able to eat before the procedure so she was pretty hungry by lunch time. We stopped by Whole Foods. She loves their pizza there. She thinks Whole Foods is a fun place to go to with the many of choices they have. Memories were made there like a fork with cantaloupe being put in faces, movie star names, taste testing cookies & desserts, watching a persons drink explode, the sad face of my mom when she mentioned she failed the written DMV test, and etc.

        Until next time..... I'll definitely write an update about the test results.

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