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January 04, 2014

It was past 1 AM in the morning on November 17th, 2013, when my phone received a call from my mom's cell phone number. I was sleeping, but Paul was awake. Paul woke me and told me my mom had just called me and we both knew that was strange. I, right away, called her back. Her neighbor, Bob, answered her phone. He sounded concerned and he told me he thought that my mom had "OD'd" on medicines. I told him that I would be right over to her house and to make sure she doesn't take anymore medicines.

We rushed right over to her house and when we walked inside the house and only my mom was inside. She seemed loopy and not all there. She would call things different names like a couch a bed or things like that. Her sentences didn't make sense. My mom's neighbor finally came back from his house and my mom was talking to him and telling him that "Paul and Natalie were taking a long time to get to her house", when we were sitting right in front of her. She would repeat that every 10 minutes or so and also thought maybe I was taking awhile because I was putting make-up on first before going to her house.

After searching through her medicines and noticing what was missing, calling her pharmacy and poison control, we decided to take her into the ER at the hospital.

My mom had been having problems sleeping for weeks at night. She was determined to try whatever to get some sleep. She literally was not sleeping, but then had tons of energy during the day. She went to the store with Bob (her next door neighbor) to buy Benedryl, and the Nighttime kind of NyQuil to help sleep. I believe that she just continued to take pills after pills that night trying to go to sleep and she didn't even know what she was taking.

She had walked to her neighbors house at 1AM in the morning and fell on his driveway hitting her face, to tell him that she couldn't sleep. That is how the neighbor got involved that night.

She was admitted into the hospital that morning and stayed there for the next few days before she was transferred up to LDS hospital so she could be evaluated further more. 

The excessive pills she had taken made her heart beat differently so they were monitoring her heart and she was admitted into the heart department area. My mom still thinks she was just at the hospital because she needed help to sleep. All a long my mom just wanted to go home and thought she was fine, but just needed help to sleep.

There were so many signs that she was anything, but okay. I finally felt relieved after months of worrying about her and not know what was going with her.

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