Our Makeover Fun Day - Christmas Eve

January 05, 2014

One of my mom's symptoms has been to wear the same clothes everyday for the past months since my mom had knee surgery. My mom hadn't worn make-up since her knee surgery, also. My mom has a hard time taking showers. I'm not sure if it's her memory or why it is so hard for her. The doctors noticed that she had a hard time to do that at the hospital, as well.

I encouraged my mom the day before Christmas Eve to have a shower the next day, and I found her a pretty pink sweater out of her closet that I hung out for her to wear. I got her prepared ahead of time for our makeover day!

I arrived to her house Christmas Eve. She had already had a shower. She had her pretty pink sweater on and was excited. I went through her bathroom to find some kind of make-up to put on her. I started putting on her make-up. She looked in the mirror and said "wow, I look different".  

Since this day, she has put on some make-up herself and she is loving her lipstick.

I'm learning that reminders and telling my mom in nice ways, with encouragement has been helpful for her. 

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