It's Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas!

December 03, 2018

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Everywhere we go!

The Christmas tree is up.

The Christmas decorations are hung. 

Snow is falling. Snow is everywhere we look. On the ground, roads, and rooftops.

Christmas lights are up all around. 

Christmas music is playing on the radio. Christmas movies are playing on the tv.

The gloves & scarf have been brought out for the first time.

Life with Dementia and Christmas time seems so different, almost 5 years into Cindy's diagnosis. It's not quite the same. We try to make this time of year, as well as we can, for Cindy. Just being together, laughing and smiling, is enough for us.

We've been able to watch the snow fall, listen to Christmas music on the radio, look at the decorations, and look at the Christmas lights on the houses with Cindy.

Cindy might not know that it's Christmas time and December. She might not know the meaning of this time of year. That is okay. We hope she can just feel the love that we have for her and we only hope that we can bring a smile to her face.

Hold your loved ones tight this holiday season and smile & laugh together. That is what we will be doing.

We wish you all a 

Happy Holiday Season 

Full of Love, Smiles & Laughter!

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