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January 17, 2018

I have been blessed to have my mom be my biggest cheerleader in life! My mom would motivate me, give me sweet messages, and just try to help pick me up whenever she saw that I needed it. I have been blessed to find reminders of these things still to this day!

I hope this reminder helps someone out there that needs to hear this message today! Please share this message with someone who might need to see this message today!

YOU ARE Valued,

YOU ARE Precious,

YOU ARE Needed,

YOU ARE Loved.

This is just a reminder to tell people the way you truly feel about them, if it's positive. Let them know these things before it is to late. Be someone's cheerleader. Be someone's supporter. Just lift someone else, who needs a lift.

I am my mom's biggest cheerleader now. I'm happy that my mom is still able to lift others with her past messages to me.

Let's help lift each other up higher and higher!

And Always Remember . . . .

You are valued,

You are precious,

You are needed,

You are loved!

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  1. This is so lovely. Some days we just really need to hear something like this. Hugs!

  2. Thank you for the sweet reminders. These are words we all need to hear sometimes and that we can all say to others. Welcome to Pit Stop, it is nice to meet you!

  3. Sharing your warm feelings about someone is a great gift that you can give to them. I love receiving that particular gift.

  4. When I lost my mom long ago I did lose my biggest cheerleader....I can relate! Over from Pit Stop...!

  5. This is so lovely. Sometimes we are so busy rushing through life we forget to stop and tell people we care about how much we love them.


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