My Mom is Bruno Mars Biggest Fan with Dementia

August 16, 2017

Growing up, my mom was a fan of Celine Dion, Lionel Richie, Martina McBride, Neil Diamond, Enya, and Kenny G. Just to name a few.

My mom is NOW the BIGGEST FAN of Bruno Mars! She has liked Bruno Mars since her dementia days. She loves to sing to him, dance, and just laugh at what the songs say. She always tells me when she hears a Bruno Mars song that he's a good singer.

It is true that I have driven my mom around the block, a few times, just so she can listen to Bruno Mars in the car, and so she can sing, and laugh. It is true that has made my mom's day more than a few times. My mom is always fascinated when I replay a certain song over and over for her. She'll light up and say "it's on again?",  as if it's a surprise that the song can play more than once in a row.

I know Bruno Mars has a lot of fans. Too many to count, but no matter what, my mom is going to be Bruno Mars' biggest fan ever with dementia!

Thank you, Bruno Mars for lighting up my mom's days when she hears your music!

My mom's favorite music for the last few years has been -

- The Best Day of My Life by American Authors (Hands down, her favorite song and life motto right now. It is also her and Jon's (my mom's son) song together. Jon introduced her to this song. She has loved it from that moment on.)

- Any Song of Bruno Mars

- Any Song of Adam Levine (She's not fully into Adam Levine anymore because I think she has forgotten who he is. )

Music lightens my mom right up! Music has been our lifesaver during this dementia time!

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