Happy Holidays & Have A Happy New Year

December 27, 2014

Happy Holidays from us to you! 

We hope your holidays were fantastic and you enjoyed time together with family and friends.

My mom had a great Christmas. We were invited over to Nate and Emily's home for a family party this year on Christmas Eve. We had a pizza party with extra snacks and treats. We enjoyed each others company, sharing old memories and reminiscing in those memories, kid's opening presents, and just being together as a family with love.

The grandkids are all growing up so fast! Sammy just turned 10 last month. The kids all had fun together playing.

My mom enjoyed receiving Christmas cards in the mail this month & I helped her write on cards to send out. My mom received a few presents and she enjoyed receiving those!

My mom also enjoyed seeing all of the Christmas lights and decorations on the homes in neighborhoods. She loved seeing the lights & decorations on our drives.

Thank you to everyone for making my mom's December a happy one!

Blessings and Love to you for a Happy & Healthy 2015!

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